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Beyond Monopoly!

A club in York that plays modern board games; includes a guide to their fortnightly sessions, with contacts.

Board Games

Site dedicated to modern "German style" board games. Overview, designers, county by county guide to retailers, and links to resources.

Board Games B4TV

Information on the wide range of board games available covering from classic cards to board games. Provides a section on the history and development of ancient and modern games.

Brighton Boardgames Club

Outlines the events and meetings of this boardgames club, with photographs. Located in Brighton.

British Stratego Association

Promotes the game Stratego within the UK and runs national tournaments.

Cambridge University Diplomacy Society

Exists to play Avalon Hill's Diplomacy, a tactical board game; includes league details, statistics, and resources to support the game.

Chester Games Club

Outlines the events and meetings of this weekly gaming club, whose members enjoy RPG, board games and card games. Includes forum.

David Parlett

Freelance inventor, writer and consultant who specialises in board games. Includes the history of his best known game, Hare & Tortoise, the histories and rules of card games, essays and articles, puzzles and booklist.

Finchley Games Club

A North London board games club that meets weekly for board games, role-playing games, collectible card games, and table-top miniatures.

Games Champ

Provides tips on winning at a selection of board games.

GNOME (Gamers North of Manchester, England)

Meets weekly in Bolton to play a wide variety of board and card games; with a guide to games they play, events and membership, and contacts.

Halesowen BoardGamers

Organises a regular programme of board games sessions in the West Midlands; includes details of games played, blog and contacts.

Inventing Board Games

Article by William Maclean with advice for would be board game inventors.

Investigations into the Master Mind Board Game

An enthusiast's collection of resources about the board game, its history, and the strategy and maths that lie behind it.

Isleworth Boardgamers

Meets regularly in West London to play strategy boardgames; includes contacts and their blog.

London on Board

A club that meets to play everything from classics to the newest games; includes event5 schedule, news, and contacts.


A board games convention running annually since 1983; includes a guide to games played, with details of dates, venue, and booking.

Middlesbrough Gamers Club

Club for those who enjoy gaming; members play table top games, board games, RPG and war games.

My Monopoly

Hasbro offer an online facility to create a personalised edition of the classic property trading game.

Newcastle Gamers

A club playing Euro games, board games, wargames and card games across the North East of England; with an events calendar, blog, and contacts.

Old Board Games

Offers information on some vintage British games and British board game companies.

The Oware Society

Founded and based in the UK to promote and support the oldest game in the world; includes rules, history, events and competitions, news, and contacts.

Piddinghoe Gamers

A group of Sussex gamers playing boardgames, mainly those coming out of Germany. With details of sessions, reports, and contacts.

Son Of Ramsdencon

A freestyle board games convention highlighting past and future events, location details and how to book.

Sunday Board Games Cardiff

Plays a range of positive and constructive board games at regular meets; includes a guide to their favourite games, location and times, news, a FAQ, and contacts.


Home of the Shrewsbury Boardgames Club; includes a guide to membership, sessions, games, and contacts.

Underground Gamers

Board games club based in Worthing, West Sussex. Includes information on meetings and events, plus game reviews.

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