Kids and Teens People and Society


Online community for young carers, offering support, friendship, advice and fun.

BBC Webwise

Offers advice about keeping your children safe on social networks with details of search engines designed for use by kids and some popular children's sites worth visiting.

British Youth Council

An organisation of young people for young people, encouraging involvement and participation. Information about their training workshops, volunteer opportunities, and network of local Youth Councils.


Animations introduce children from different ethnic backgrounds, explaining about their families, religions, languages and backgrounds and examines the issues of racism as these children come across them.

Children's Commissioner for Wales

Explains to children in Wales who the Children's Commissioner is and what it means to them. Contains details of how the Commission works, with downloads, publications and children's questionnaire form.

Clic Online

National information and advice service for young people in Wales, offering bilingual sections on education, rights, housing, the environment and careers, among other topics.

Diana Award

National award scheme, in memory of the late Princess Diana, which recognises children who have made significant contributions to their community or against bullying. Includes details of how to nominate.

DirectGov: Young People

Government site offering information for children and teens on a variety of subjects, from learning and money to bullying and coping with divorce.

Drop the Weapons

Metropolitan Police site which aims to educate young people about knife and gun crime.

Georgie Henley

Official site of child actress Georgie Henley who starred in the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Includes details of her awards.

Get Connected

Presents full details of this free, confidential helpline which assists young people with a wide range of issues, including mental health problems, violence and abuse, benefits, housing, addictions and school issues.


Provides resources and support to encourage UK teenagers to get involved in charity, community, social enterprise and campaigning action. Includes a news library, lists of charities and how young people can help each one, games and analysis of how much various celebrities do for good causes.

Hot Philosophy

Provides discussion ideas and resources for children and young people interested in philosophy.


Social search engine aimed at young people aged 14-19, hoping to provide them with resources and links relevant to the issues in their lives.

Law Stuff

Contains straightforward information on the law and children's legal rights, including a mythbusters section about the legal age for certain activities. Presented by the Children's Legal Centre.

Live UnLtd

Provides young people aged 11-21 with funding and support to set up projects which change their communities for the better. Includes information on how to apply.

Me Tycoon

Extensive online careers and life path game for young people, in which the decisions they make directly affect their future and their happiness.

Myths and Legends

Features animated and narrated myths and legends from around Britain.

NICCY - Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People

Provides features and articles about the work of the Commissioner in Northern Ireland and offers games, research information and polls.

O2 Think Big

Encourages social and community enterprise among young people, awarding grants and promoting big ideas.

Ombudsman for Children

Government office established to support children and young people in Ireland. Includes information on children's rights.


Highlights the rights of people under 18 as agreed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1991. Includes downloads.

The Pakistan Connection

Helps children to learn about the ties between Britain and Pakistan, with details of our shared history, plus information on Pakistani culture, arts, fashion and sport.

Positive Futures

Features video stories and information on current projects from this charity which helps young people from deprived communities steer clear of crime, drug and alcohol misuse and move forward in their lives.

Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People

Describes the work of the Children's Commissioner in Scotland and features news, downloadable leaflets, games and information about children's rights.

Sea Vision UK

Aims to raise awareness among young people of the importance of Britain's maritime industries. seavisionuk

Shadow CS

Interactive site for children aged 11-14, focusing on an understanding of crime. Includes games, downloads and a background guide to the law. From Crimestoppers.

Tear Fund Youth

Christian youth organisation which campaigns on issues concerning the environment, poverty, HIV and justice around the world. Contains information for teens, students and younger children, with details of how to get involved. tearfund

Presents a wealth of information, fact sheets, discussion and advice for children and young adults on key issues such as relationships, sex, money, the law, health, study, careers and rights.

Time Travellers

Features an extensive look at the lives of young Scottish gypsies and travellers, including video clips and photography. Focuses on the history and culture of travellers, as well as their modern lifestyles and aspirations.

Voice of Young People in Care

Works across Northern Ireland to empower children and young people with an experience of care to participate in decisions affecting their lives; describes their programmes, with information for young people and professionals.

Web Dictionary

Check out this online knowledge resource, dictionary, and thesaurus rolled into one.

Who Cares Trust: Are You In Care?

Young people's section of the Who Cares Trust; provides magazines, articles, stories and information for children and young people currently in care or about to leave care.

Young Scot

Information portal for Scottish young people aged 11+. Includes have your say sections as well as event listings, details of educational and arts opportunities and lifestyle and health advice.

Young Veggie

The Vegetarian Society's site for young vegetarians offers recipes, FAQ and advice for informing parents of your wishes, together with educational resources, ideas for campaigning and a fun section.

Youth Justice Board: Children and Young People

Explains to older children how the youth justice system in England and Wales works, and provides a downloadable magazine written by and for young people in custody.

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