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28 Days Later

Active discussion forums for those with an interest in urban exploration in the UK.

Abandoned Britain

An enthusiast's galleries of his explorations of some of Britain's abandoned industrial and commercial buildings and sites.

Abandoned Scotland

Video and photo galleries of significant abandoned buildings in Scotland, with articles, news, and links.

Boarded Up Britain

Aims to document all of the boarded up buildings in Great Britain. boardedbritain

Contamination Zone

Urban exploration site by a photographer exploring urban and rural decay across the UK.

Dark Places

Forums and networking for those interested in exploring drains, caves, quarries, mines, tunnels, bunkers and disused military, cold war and world war sites in the UK.

Derelict London

Photographic essay on derelict London including pubs, rivers, allotments, porticos, markets and public baths.

Derelict Miscellany

Containing a compilation of photographs and reports from abandoned buildings in the UK.


Documenting derelict buildings throughout East Anglia and South East England, with reports and photographs.

Folorn Britain

Explores a number of abandoned and forgotten hospitals, industrial sites, underground sites and leisure and military establishments in England and Wales.


A resource for those who enjoy the exploration of the disused underground mine workings found all over the UK. Provides background on the pastime, a listing of mines by area and product, photo galleries, and a forum.

Neolithic Sea

A personal record of sites visited, with extensive photography. Categories include hospitals, churches and industrial as well as heritage sites such as castles and henges.

Organises urban explorations on Eastern England. With image galleries of derelict asylums, churches, hospitals and industrial buildings.

North West Exploration

A forum for urban explorers in the north west, with reports organised by building type.


A forum for enthusiasts for the urban exploration of the north east's heritage.

Portsdown Tunnels

Presents local information, caves and pits images, historical and legends accounts, cold war page, and related links.

Secret Scotland

A wiki covering secret or hidden points of interest around Scotland, with articles on World War II and Cold War remains, underground buildings, and lost/abandoned buildings and villages.

Silent UK

Collection of urban exploration stories and photographs from around the UK. silentuk

Subterranea Britannica

Features the society devoted to the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places. With images of cold war bunkers.


Explore images of derelict drainages, industrial buildings, asylums and hospitals across the UK. Plus news postings.

Talk Urbex

Features an urban exploration forum and articles.

The Time Chamber

Contains reports and photographs from asylums, World War II sites, bunkers and military installations across the UK.

Tunnels UK

Records a personal journal of one man's exploration of as many tunnels in the UK as possible, primarily railways tunnels.

UK Urban Exploration

A group of urban explorers documenting and photographing buildings and places that will soon be lost forever; includes galleries and videos.

UK Urbex

A forum for urban explorers and their photography, organised by theme.

Underground History

Browse over images of disused stations in London’s underground. With FAQs section and scrap book.

Organisation interested in underground explorations, with photo galleries that include underground structures and cold war fortifications.

Urban Sickness

Outlines, with photographs, this urban explorer's findings from a range of sites across England.

Urban Underworld

View photographs of mines, derelict building, drainage, masts and more. With forum area and related links.


A UK based urban explorer and photographer; includes accounts of his explorations in the UK and abroad, galleries of photos and videos, a FAQ, and contacts.

Urbex Forums

Focuses on the discussion of UK urban exploration, especially exploration reports.

Urbex UK

An urban explorer's photo diary of his explorations into asylums, hospitals, military and industrial sites, underground installations, and other abandoned buildings; includes a manifesto.

Whatever's Left

Documenting the author's visits to some of Britain's abandoned and derelict hospitals, asylums, industrial, leisure, military and underground complexes.

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