Social Sciences Archaeology

Archaeology - An Introduction

A companion to an introductory book about archaeology for students, with links to web resources, archives and documents.

Archaeology Data Service (ADS)

Supports research, learning and teaching by preserving digital data in the long term, and by promoting and disseminating a range of data in archaeology. ADS_Update

Archaeology UK

Provides a database of archaeological sites searchable by location; also includes historical timelines.

BBC: Archaeology

A guide to getting involved in archaeology in the UK, with news stories, details of BBC programmes, and background on techniques.

Biab: The British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography

Offers information through published sources, and free access to records.

Britain Express: Ancient Britain

Contains descriptions and a guide to prehistoric monuments. Provides links to listings of archaeological sights in England, as well as in Scotland and Wales.

British Archaeological Jobs Resource

Contains listings of career offerings, trainings, and courses. Also shows news articles.

Community Archaeology Forum

Provides an online meeting place for anyone involved with community archaeology. Includes a listing of projects, news, events, and publications.

Council for British Archaeology

Promotes involvement through highlighting job opportunities; and presenting publications and reports on archeological events.

Current Archaeology

Contains links to articles, and images of archaeological finds connecting to various ancient cultures.

Current Archaeology: Archaeology Information Center

Features news, articles, links, and book reviews about archaeology. Also contains listings of archaeological organizations, projects, and finds.

English Heritage Geophysical Survey Database

Details surveys by the Archaeometry Branch of the Ancient Monuments Laboratory.

Festival of Archaeology

Celebration of archaeology with events across the UK. FestivalofArch

Heritage Trail

Article highlights the history of Britain during the control of the Romans, the Saxons, and their physical contributions to the land.

Invisible Diggers

Presents reports, essays, and stories of archaeologist Paul Everill. Also contains publications and picture gallery.

Management of Archaeological Projects

Provides document with details of a model for the management of archaeological projects. Includes references and appendices.

Modern Antiquarian

Serves as resource for news, information, images, and links on ancient sites throughout UK and Ireland.

Monuments at Risk Survey

Contains details of the project that exists in order to study the state of England’s archaeological resources.

National Heritage Protection Commissions Programme

Funds projects that support the National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP), which was launched in May 2011.

Online Archaeology

Community for those with an interest in archaeology.

Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory

Formed in 2010 by Michael Worthington and Jane Seiter to provide dendrochronological services to archaeologists, architectural historians, art historians, cultural resource managers, and private house owners.


Freely accessible database containing nearly 400,000 records of archaeological sites and buildings in England and its territorial waters.

Prehistoric Experiences

Offering information about flint knapping workshops and courses.

Roman Inscriptions of Britain

Article on ancient sources of information on buildings, events, people, and places engraved on stones.


Provides maps of known Roman road networks and information about settlements, forts, camps, and quarries in the British Isles.

Romans in Britain

Presents synopses, scripts, biographies of the TV series on the Romans from the BBC and the Open University.

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

Organization records and interprets data on heritage structures. Provides updates of publications.

Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (SCARF)

Presents a constantly updated document that represents the current state of knowledge concerning Scotland's archaeological past.


For people interested in the coastal archaeology of Scotland; includes information about the project, local groups, resources, reports, and contacts.

St. Albans Museums

Introduces the institution’s services dealing with ancient artifact recoveries and restorations. Contains images of its attractions.

Time Team

A television programme on Channel 4, which investigates a wide range of archaeological sites. Includes schedule, an archive, and education resources.

Training Online Resource Center for Archaeology

Offers publications for those interested in courses and training in archaeology.

West of Scotland Archaeology Service

Offers information on sites and monuments, and also advice to land owners and managers to help preserve archaeological remains.

Worcestershire On-line Ceramic Database

A database of pottery used and/or made in Worcestershire from prehistory to c 1900AD; searchable by fabric, manufacture, form, distribution, date, and source. Includes photo galleries and a guide to identifying pottery.

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