What's New For 2/20/2012

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  • Edward Upward (1903 - 2009) - Edward Upward was a British novelist and short story writer who died in 2009, aged 105. He was the last of the "Auden generation" of young writers who, in the 1930s, brought a political consciousness to modern literature. Here is an official website created by one of Edward's grandsons, David Allinson, featuring an e-version of 'The Spiral Ascent'.  
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  • Good Care Guide - With regular headlines about the state of care services provided to the elderly, this newly launched site aims to provide some reassurance. Here, you can view (and add your own) reviews and recommendations for care homes and care providers.  
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  • National Archive of Educational Computing - This archive is dedicated to preserving information on the way schools, colleges and universities have embraced new technologies over the last 50 years. Visitors can contribute their own stories and recollections too.  
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