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A L Kennedy - Writer

Alison Kennedy's official site, with information about her writings and stand-up comedy work, reviews, news, and a FAQ.

Amis, Kingsley

Obituary published in the Guardian in October 1995.

An Interview with James Kelman

The dramatist and author discusses his life and work for the Barcelona Review in 2002.

Barstow, Stan - The Literature of Stan Barstow

Provides a biography and bibliography, with lists of his short stories, radio plays, and critical reviews of his novels.

Beatrix Potter Society

Promotes the study and appreciation of the life and works of Beatrix Potter. Includes a biography, timeline, suggested places to visit, publications list and photograph albums.

Beddoes, Thomas Lovell - Phantom Wooer

Outlines the goals and objectives of this society, dedicated to the life and works of 19th century poet and dramatist, Thomas Lovell Beddoes.

Brook, Rhidian

Official site of Rhidian Brook, novelist, scriptwriter and broadcaster.

Brookmyre, Chris

Presents news and updates from this novelist, author of "Where The Bodies Are Buried" and other books.

Brooks, Helen

Biography of the author with catalogue of titles.

Byatt, A S - Resources on the Web

Unofficial site intended as a tool for readers and scholars. Provides links to articles, reviews, interviews and media coverage.

The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Provides a look at the life and works of Conan Doyle, with many quotations by him.

Cooper, Charlotte

Personal site of a novelist, writer, and activist; includes a selection of her work and articles, and details of her published novels.

Coward, Mat

Personal site provides a brief biography, books available and reviews.

Davenport, Bea

Traditionally published crime and children's author and the writing name of journalist Barbara Henderson. https://www.facebook.com/beadavenportwriter BeaDavenport1

Fantastic Fiction: Michelle Reid

Provides biography and details of titles published.

Faulks, Sebastian

The official site for the author, providing information for students, journalists, and other readers. Includes a biography, bibliography, listing of appearances, and a FAQ.

Frazer, Lady Antonia - The History Woman

A biographical profile and literary appreciation of Antonia Fraser's work.

Freya North

Official website of the novelist, with a profile, list of her published titles, events diary, blog, and an advice section for aspiring authors.

George, Catherine - Fantastic Fiction

Provides biography and list of titles with brief description.

Gerald Seymour

Dedicated to the works of Gerald Seymour, once a reporter for Independent Television News; includes a biography, information about his books and their locations, and a collection of interviews.

Gissing, George, 1857-1903

A collection of Gissing's novels and other writings in electronic texts, maintained by Project Gutenberg.

Golding, William

Provides information on the life and literary contributions of the author. Includes learning resources and reader board.

Grant, Colin

A historian, author, TV script editor and radio producer; includes details of his titles, biography, contacts, events diary, and a blog.

The Greek World of Mary Renault

Provides a concise biography of the author, best known for her historical novels based in ancient Greece; also includes resources and a guide to the places, people, and historical context of her books.

Gyles Brandreth

Includes a biography, list of recent publications, reviews and theatre appearances.

Hall, A.J.

Author of the Queen of Gondal and Lopiverse series of ebooks, including Lust Over Pendle, and Dissipation and Despair.

Helen Sedgwick

A freelance writer and literary editor; includes a listing of her novels, short story collections, and her writings on science-related themes, with details of her creative writing courses.

Humphreys, Emyr

An interview with the author on his 90th birthday, with a review of his last collection of short stories.

Iain Sinclair

Information about the British writer, documentarist, and film maker, with a listing of book and film titles, blog, news, contacts, and other resources about his life and work.

Isabel Wolff

Official site contains the author and newscaster's portfolio, tips on writing, and information on how to get one's work published.

James, P D

The Guardian offers a brief profile and links to current news about the author.

Jaq D Hawkins

Author in the genres of fantasy and the occult. Includes book overviews, goblin art and article archives.

Jecks, Michael

Master of the Medieval Murder Mystery, with the longest running series of medieval crime books set in the later years of Edward II's reign. https://www.facebook.com/Michael.Jecks.author MichaelJecks

Jeffrey Archer

Official site of this best selling novelist and former politician, with a blog, news and event information.

Jenny Uglow

Personal site of the biographer and critic, acclaimed for her books on Thomas Bewick and the Lunar Society. Includes information about her current projects, bibliography, a collection of articles, and a profile.

Jess Smith

Official site of the author and traditional storyteller, whose works celebrate the life and culture of Scotland's travelling families; includes a listing of titles, appearances diary, and contacts.

John le Carré

Official website of the author, with a biography, reviews, and a list of books, writings, and film adaptations.

Jones, Glyn

The Independent's obituary for an author who, in the 1930s, contributed to the development of an Anglo-Welsh literature, written in English, but specifically Welsh in feeling, style, and subject-matter.

The Journal of Inkling Studies

British academic journal for C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Owen Barfield and their circle. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Journal-of-Inklings-Studies/173135609425130

Ken Follett

Personal website of the author of thrillers and historical novels; includes a profile, information about his novels and film adaptations, personal appearances, and contacts.

Kirstin Innes

A writer, journalist, and freelance arts PR working in Glasgow; with a profile, details of her writing career and arts projects, and contacts.

Kirsty Logan

Official site of an award-winning writer of short fiction and journalism, with a profile, details of current projects, samples of her work, and articles for budding writers.

The Laurence Sterne Trust

Based at Shandy Hall in Coxwold, the Laurence Sterne Trust was established in order to promote the writings of Laurence Sterne.

Lin Anderson

Official website of the Scottish author, screenwriter, and creator of fictional forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod. Includes a profile, information about her novels and screenwriting, news, and events diary.

Llewellyn, Richard

A BBC Wales profile of the novelist, author of "How Green Was My Valley".

Longmuir, Chris

A crime novelist, who specialises in depicting modern day Dundee; includes a biography, list of titles, and news.

Lorrimer, Claire

Official page of the romance author with biography and reviews.

Mackintosh, Anneliese

Official site of a German-born, Glasgow-based writer and performer, with a profile, list of publications and awards, and contacts.

Maclean, Alistair

The Internet Movie Database provides a very brief profile, with details of film adaptations of his novels.

Maggie Craig

Writer of novels and historical works; includes a profile, information about her titles, news, and events.

Mansell, Jill

Official site with biography, reviews and extracts.

Margaret Leroy

A novelist and journalist; includes a profile and information about her books.

Margery Allingham Society

Aims to preserve and promote the work of Margery Allingham, best known for her detective stories featuring gentleman sleuth Albert Campion. Includes newsletter, event listings and photographs of Margery's Essex.

Mary S Lovell

Novelist and author of biographies including books on the Churchill family, Jane Digby, Sir Richard Burton, the Mitford Girls and Bess of Hardwick.

Mary Webb Society

Provides journal of the association. Includes poems written by the author.

Mina, Denise

Official site of the Glasgow-born crime novelist and playwright; with a biography, information about her novels and graphic novels, and diary.

Morrison, Crysse

Official website of the novelist, poet, and playwright, with a profile and details of her career; also offers creative writing courses and workshops in the UK and Europe.

Nayland, Carla

Official website of an author of historical fiction set in Britain between the Roman occupation and the Norman Conquest, and fiction set in an invented world loosely based on medieval and Renaissance Britain. Includes information about her titles, profile, reviews, and a collection of essays.

Neels, Betty

Fantastic Fiction provides a biography and bibliography of the British Born author.

Philip Paris

Personal website of a graphic journalist, who has also written a history of Orkney’s Italian Chapel, historical fiction, and other books.

Philippa Gregory

Official website of the best selling author and novelist. https://www.facebook.com/PhilippaGregoryOfficialFanPage PhilippaGBooks

Redwall Abbey

Official site of author Brian Jacques, offering an obituary and details of his many books.

Robert Endeacott

Showcases e-books, books and features, and also news and special interviews with other writers.

Robinson, Peter

Official page of the author of the Inspector Banks mystery series.

Ron Berry

Celebrates the life and work of an ex-miner, whose novels and plays chronicled working class life in the Rhondda; offers a biography, list of his writings, and obituaries.

Russel D McLean

Official site of the author and reviewer, creator of J McNee, a fictional Dundee private investigator; with a profile, details of titles, reviews, and contacts.

Salley Vickers

British contemporary novelist. Includes a profile, information about her books, interviews, and events list, and a collection of reviews and articles.

Sarah Ball

Contemporary English novelist; includes details of her titles published in the UK and in translation, with a profile and blog.

Say Mitchell, Dreda

A writer, broadcaster, journalist and freelance education adviser; provides a guide to her career, writings, and radio appearances.

Simon Tolkien

Official website of the crime novelist and grandson of J R R Tolkien; includes a profile, FAQ, information about his books, reviews, and interviews.

Smith, Tom Rob - New York Books

Interview with the author of Child 44 discusses the novel's characters as well as the author's background.

Spence, Alan

A Glasgow born author of poetry, novels, short stories and plays. Includes information about his published work, a selection of haikus, and a profile.

Stanley Morgan

Provides a profile of the author of a series of books featuring Russ Tobin, serious adventure books, sex-comedies, and later some serious novels; includes other resources.

Stuart MacBride

Creator of fictional Aberdeen detective, Logan MacRae; includes a profile, blog, and listing of his books. StuartMacBride

Tammet, Daniel

Official homepage of the bestselling author of Born On A Blue Day, Embracing the Wide Sky, and Thinking in Numbers. https://www.facebook.com/DanielTammetAuthor

Townsend, Sue

Penguin Books' profile of the creator of Adrian Mole; includes a profile, details of her books, and an overview of her plays, radio, and television work.

Twickenham Museum: Captain W. E. Johns

Biography of the bomber pilot, illustrator, aviation writer and author of Biggles books.

Unofficial Alan Garner

Provides a biography of Alan Garner, plus many articles and links relevant to his works.

Violet Needham Society

Founded in 1985 to revive interest in the work and achievements of Violet Needham. Includes a biography, notes on her published children's books, and information about membership and activities of the society.

Walker, Kate - Fantastic Fiction

Biography of the author and list of published titles.

Wellesley St George Ashe (1881-1958)

Offers a biography, with a collection of some of his short stories, poems, and drawings.

Who's Who - Patrick Collins

Index of links to various resources pertaining to the life and works of the author.

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