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Computer History UK

Binary Dinosaurs

Online display of a collection of computers includes museum history, inhabitants, updates, and site search.

Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War

A collection of resources about the history, science and engineering of cryptanalysis in World War II by Tony Sale, original founder and curator of the Bletchley Park Museum.

Computer Conservation Society

A joint venture to preserve historic computers, develop awareness of the history of computing, and encourage research; includes information about their restoration and rebuild projects, membership, events, and news.

Computing at Chilton: 1961-2003

An account of the Atlas Computer Laboratory on the Chilton, Oxfordshire campus; a major computer laboratory until it closed in 1975. Includes resources on its history, computers, achievements and contributions, and staff.

DataServe Retro Computers

Provides information on the range of 8-bit micro computers focusing on the companies behind them, their development history and for most of them, their ultimate demise.

Early British Computers

An online edition of a book by Simon Lavington, covering vintage British computers and the people who built them.

History of Computing in the UK: A Resource Guide

An annotated bibliography of books and articles on the history and development of British computing.

Memotech MTX

Comprehensive repository for Memotech MTX information.

NCR UK Retirement Fellowship

Provides a history of NCR (The National Cash Register Company) and of the invention and development of accounting systems in business; focuses particularly on NCR in the UK.

Our Computer Heritage

Describes a three year project to identify, document and explain historical material relevant to the development of 80 computers designed and built in the UK between 1945 and 1970.

The Tony Sale Award

An international annual award in the area of computer conservation in honour of the late Tony Sale, a British pioneer of computer conservation.

Your Sinclair Rock 'n' Roll Years

Magazine dedicated to Sinclair computers offering issue archives, documentary, guides, photo gallery, and resource links.

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