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Early Computers UK

Computer 50

A history of the Small-Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM), the first stored programme computer to execute a programme, and the Manchester Mark 1, both designed and built at the University of Manchester; includes details rebuilding a replica of the SSEM for its 50th anniversary.

Digital 60

An archive of the 2008 celebrations in the University of Manchester for the 60th anniversary of the world’s first stored program digital computer, the SSEM.


Archive of a conference for the 50th anniversary of the first practical stored-programme electronic computer, built at Cambridge University; includes historical resources, simulators, photographs and news.

The EDSAC Simulator

Provides software emulations of the EDSAC computer as it existed in 1949-51, for use in teaching the history of computing or as a tutorial introduction to the classic "von Neumann" computer.

Emidec 1100

An ex-member of EMI Computing Services Division in the late 1960s provides a nostalgic account of their computers and software; includes a collection of original documentation.

English Electric Deuce

A history of the commercial computer built by English Electric in the 1950s. Includes manuals, brochures, and links.

The Enigma and the Bombe

Describes how the German Enigma enciphering machine was broken by the British bombe (Colossus), designed by Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman at Bletchley Park, and arguably the the world's first electronic computer.

ICL 1900 Series Computers

Offers a history of the ICL company, with a comprehensive guide to this series of mainframes and their George 3 operating system.

The ICT 1301 Resurrection Project

Describes a project to restore a 1960's second generation computer, the ICT 1301, to full working order; includes a collection of background articles and resources.

LEO Computers Society

An association for ex-employees of LEO Computers and its succeeding companies, and anyone who worked on a LEO computer; provides an account of and resources covering the development of the world's first business computer by J Lyons and Company.

Manchester Baby Simulator

Offers a software simulation of the Manchester Small Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM or the Baby), the first operational stored program computer. Includes background articles.

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