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English Bridge Associations

Avon Contract Bridge Association

Presents details on the club’s events, news and tournament results. Also includes a link to its affiliations and membership procedures.

Berks & Bucks CBA

Provides competitions to members and non-members. Contains club overview, a list of its affiliations, and membership.

Cambs and Hunts Contract Bridge Association

Presents a list of affiliated clubs, tournament calendar and game results. With information on the association news, committee and newsletters.

Cornwall Contract Bridge Association

Displays information on competitions, game results and meeting minutes. Also includes details on member list and classes offered.

Derbyshire Contract Bridge Association

Presents details on the club news, game results and examples of hand deals. Also includes information on its officers and links.

Devon County Contract Bridge Association

Presents club information, an events calendar, and a list of places where classes are conducted. Also includes details on game results and links.

English Bridge Union

Official page of the EBU players. Details on organised competitions, online booking, and game results presented.

Essex Contract Bridge Association

Formed in 1946. Comes with details on its affiliate clubs, competitions and leagues. Also includes particulars on game results and membership.

Gloucestershire Contract Bridge Association

Displays the club's history, list of officers, and current news along with the group's game results.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight CBA

Features list of county Bridge clubs. Also presents an events calendar, news, and club related links.

Hertfordshire Bridge Association

Details on the member clubs, events calendar, and game results. Includes information on membership and the group's regulations.

Kent Contract Bridge Association

Information on member clubs, list of committee members and an events calendar presented. Also includes game results and a summary of announcing rules.

Lancashire Contract Bridge Association

Covers information on competition results, event photos, and committee officers.

Leicestershire Contract Bridge Association

Displays the organisation's programs, club directory, calendar of events, and details on game results and rules.

Lincolnshire Contract Bridge Association

Inaugurated on June 13, 1946. Includes an events calendar, game results, list of member clubs, and details about the administration.

London Metropolitan Bridge Association

Official site of the organisation of Bridge players in London Metropolitan area. Covers details on its affiliated clubs, coming events, and county results.

Manchester County Bridge Association

Covers information on the group's history, member affiliated clubs, and events calendar. Also includes current list of officers and results.

Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association

Presents list of member affiliated clubs, officials, and results plus details about the group's schedule of events.

Middlesex County Bridge Association

Comprised of 28 affiliated clubs; with particulars on session times, competition schedules, and results provided.

Norfolk County Bridge Association

Includes details about the affiliated clubs, competition rules, program of events, and official game results.

North Eastern Bridge Association

Organises regional competitions in the region; includes diary and results, listing of affiliated clubs, news, an archive, and links.

Suffolk Contract Bridge Association

Contains details on upcoming competitions, list of affiliated clubs, and game results.

Surrey County Bridge Association

Highlights winners of recent events, presents the association's calendar, lists member clubs, and details of game venues.

Sussex County Contract Bridge Association

Presents an events calendar, competition updates, and list of affiliated member clubs. Also includes details on game regulations and newsletter postings.

Warwickshire Contract Bridge Association

Group that caters to member affiliated clubs; details competition events, game results, and event updates.

Westmorland County Contract Bridge Association

Contains officials and clubs, details of competitions, game scores, and tournament results.

Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association

Posts list of current game champions, links to affiliated clubs, and events along with results.

Worcestershire Contract Bridge Association

Promotes and organises competitions in the area. Displays information on member affiliated clubs, an events calendar, and news updates.

Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association

Has an events calendar, league news, committee structure and membership.

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