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Live Fantasy

Cambridge Larp Society

Displays the rules, setting guide, character generation and has a glossary.

Curious Past

Displays information for player resource like events updates, event worlds, and other links.

Dummonni Chronicles

Sets LARP events in SouthWest England where they play real-setting games based on celtic myths and legends.

Durham University Treasure Trap Society

Invites interested players to join their ongoing games against imaginary dragons and undead Hordes saving damsels in distress.

Forever's Destiny

Organizes LARP games many times a year and is based on NorthWest England.

Heroes and Heroines

High fantasy LARP group in the West Midlands. Features world guide, event listings and active forum.


Provides system and campaign details, events, and everything you should know about playing Heroquest Live Role Playing.

Nemesis LRP

Introduces new and advanced player to LARP by teaching character generation and improvization of skills.

Shadow Realms LRP

Based in Devon, England, runs full-blown LARP events for twelve years now for more than a decade now.


Kent based LARP group with permanent scenery, including a castle and roundhouse village. Features player's handbook and calendar.

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