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Ear Conditions and Diseases

The British Tinnitus Association

Publishes information sheets and booklets on tinnitus plus offers downloads, DVD's and cassettes.

BUPA: Tinnitus

Illustrated article contains video, overview, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and Q and A section.

Ear Help

Details and articles about common ear conditions such as cholesteetoma, barotrauma and cauliflower ears.


Offers comprehensive information about labyrinthitis including details on the symptoms, diagnosis, and coping with the condition. Also features patient stories.

Mail Online: Tinnitus Report

Reports on the findings that tinnitus may be cured by high-pitched music. Explains the theories with readers comments.

Ménière's Society

Offering information and advice about managing Ménière's Disease, its symptoms and treatment.

NHS Direct - Tinnitus

Offers details of the condition plus causes, symptoms and treatments.

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