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Conditions and Diseases Sleep Disorders

BBC Science: Sleep

Offering educational information about sleep and its necessity for health, with details about sleep disorders and a variety of articles, games and tests.

British Sleep Society

A national organisation that aims to improve public health by promoting education and research into sleep and its disorders.

British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine

Professional organisation for dentists interested in correcting sleep-related breathing disorders. Offers news, outline of treatment options and dentist finder.

The Bruxism Association

Offering information on bruxism, which is teeth grinding and other jaw actions while sleeping. Includes advice on treatment.

The Children's Sleep Charity

Provides advice and guidance to parents and professionals, with the aim of supporting children to get better sleep.


Provides a forum for people using CPAP machines to combat sleep apnoea; also offers news and FAQ.

East Sussex Sleep Disorder Service

Describes the conditions treated and the procedures performed at this sleep centre in St Leonards-on-Sea and offers information about referrals.


Features articles, advice and tips related to insomnia and other sleep disorders.

KLS Support UK

Aims to support families living with Kleine Levin Syndrome. Contains case studies, fundraising information and news.

KLS: Stealing Time

Provides a parents' guide to Kleine Levin Syndrome, a rare sleep disorder which results in periods of excessive sleepiness and altered behaviour.

Narcolepsy UK

Presents background information on narcolepsy, its causes, age of onset and treatment.

Parent-Infant Sleep Lab

Research lab at Durham University, designed to study various aspects of infant and child sleep and parenting behaviour.

Restless Leg Syndrome UK

Contains advice and support for people suffering from restless leg syndrome; includes news, videos stories and guidance on self-management.

The Sleep Council

Aims to raise awareness of the importance of sleep and of choosing a good quality bed. thesleepcouncil

Sleep Disorder Centre - East Grinstead

Offers information on this centre, part of the Queen Victoria Hospital; includes an online Epworth sleepiness scale test.

Sleep Disorders Centre

Nationally renowned centre of excellence for the investigation and treatment of disorders of sleep.


Offering an online sleep course designed to help with common sleep problems and disorders.

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