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Health Nutrition

Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum

An all-party independent forum for the exchange of views and information on food policy, diet and health. Includes programme, newsletters, and contacts.

Better Food Foundation

Charitable foundation set up by Jamie Oliver which aims to re-connect people with good nutrition.

British Dietetic Association

Professional association representing state registered dietitians and an independent trade union. Provides extensive information on their initiatives.

Christine Bailey Nutrition

Nutritional consultancy providing a comprehensive range of nutritional services that include one to one consultations, talks, presentations, demonstrations, and cookery courses.

Community Food and Health (Scotland)

Promotes and supports health food initiatives; includes a national directory of projects, case studies, news and events, resources and links, and contacts.

Consensus Action on Salt and Health

Campaigning for greater awareness of the dangers of a high salt diet. cashsalt


A nutrition discussion forum for dietitians and those involved in exercise. Includes sports nutrition.

Eat Well

As part of the Foods Standards Agency, the Eatwell site has information on healthy diets, keeping food safe, food labels and health issues. nhschoices

Fat or Fiction

Visual information about the calories and fat and other nutrition in some of the nation's favourite snacks. fatorfiction

The Food & Health Network (FHN)

A network of organisations involved in the science of food, diet and health, working to link science and industry; with information about events, expertise clusters, and contacts.

Food Additives and Ingredients Association

A trade association representing UK manufacturers. Provides information resources about food choices, additives, sensitivities, and E-numbers, with a FAQ and contacts.

Food for the Brain

A non-profit educational campaign, created by a group of nutritionists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers and scientists to promote the link between nutrition and mental health.

Foodlaw - Reading

Provides a library of resources and information on current food laws and their development, mainly in the UK and the EU.

Guardian: Nutrition

Presenting nutrition related news and current affairs from the Guardian newspaper.

International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition

Integrates food science with nutrition. Topics covered include: nutritional implications of food processing, novel foods, use of biotechnology in food and nutritional and physiological aspects of food.

NHS Choices: 5 A Day

Highlights the important 5 portions of fruit and veg that make up a balanced diet.

NHS Eat Well

All you need to know about the major food groups and a healthy balanced diet.

Nic's Nutrition

UK Specialist Registered Dietitian Nichola Whitehead blogs about nutrition and health. nicsnutrition

The Nutrition Society

Founded in 1941 to promote the study of nutrition in humans and animals. View publications, meeting details and their annual report.

Nutritionist Resource

Directory of qualified/registered nutritionists in the UK. nutrition_uk


Personal trainer and nutritionist. Training studio in Kilburn, NW2 and Westminster, central London. Specialties are superfood, strength and fat loss, personal nutrition plans. @OMnutritionist

Second Opinions

Series of articles that aim to expose dietary and medical misinformation.

University of Leeds, School of Food Science and Nutrition

The oldest such school in the UK, providing undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities and research; includes a prospectus and contacts.

What's Inside Guide

Provides information on Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA) to help you understand what's in your food.

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