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School Maths

BBC World Service: Figure It Out

Articles and interviews examine real world maths applications, such as lottery numbers, travel and the money markets.

BGFL Primary Maths Booster

Presents a variety of flash games in different styles to help junior aged children practice their maths skills.

Count On

Features a collection of maths related games, puzzles and activities.

European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

Presenting news and updates from this annual competition for keen young mathematicians.

I Love Maths Games

Features interactive maths based games and puzzles for primary and secondary aged children.

Mad 4 Maths

A fun interactive site with KS2 numeracy puzzles for children aged 6-11

Mathelona Wales Challenge

Online maths puzzle in four different levels.

Maths is Fun

UK site presents information for children about numbers, algebra, geometry, data and measure, with worksheets, puzzles and games.

Maths Net

Provides exercises and step by step activities for primary and secondary school maths topics including algebra, geometry, fractions and graphing.

Mr Barton Maths

Presents easy to read explanations and examples of secondary school maths topics, plus reviews of websites and podcasts to help pupils with maths.

Nrich Maths

Provides challenging maths activities and puzzles for both primary and secondary aged able children, plus articles on maths and an archive of past monthly maths themes.

Numbers from One to Thirty One

Presents a page of interesting number facts for each day of the month.

Oxford Owl Maths

Provides fun online maths help and related games for the ages 3 to 7.

Free help for maths questions, with GCSE maths revision materials.

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