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Model Aircraft Clubs in the UK

Aberdeen Aermodellers Flying Club

Provides details on the club profile and history. Also contains pictures, contact information and map of the site for flying.

Alloa and District Radio Flying Club

Has articles, updates, member models, history, fees and activity schedules.

Amman Valley Radio Control Club

Club details, membership fees, forum, constitution and .rules.

Anglia Model Flying Club

Provides historical information and profile of the club, directions of flying sites, membership roster, photo albums, and activity calendar.

Angus Model Flying Club

A club for model flying enthusiasts. Includes information about club flying sites, membership fees, events and contacts.

Avonvale Model Flying Club

Contains the club’s news updates, photos, recommended shops for equipment, flying sites maps, member profiles, and articles.

Aylesbury and District Model Flying Club

Advertises RC equipment for sale and membership application. Also contains articles, guidelines, activity calendar, pictures, and related links.

Ayr and District Model Flyers

Club history, safety rules, membership application and directions.

Balbedie Aeromodelling Club

Club profile, events, membership, photographs and contacts.

Banbridge Aeromodelling Club

Club rules, competitions, events, news-sheet and for sale items.

Basingstoke Model Aero Club

Provides articles and guidelines for beginners, map for flying sites locations, calendar of events, and tips.

The Beaufort Model Flying Club

Features the North East Bristol-based RC club with its history, profile, articles, pictures, and other related links.

Belfast Model Flying club

Club news, locations, flying times, upcoming events history and links.

Blackdown Radio Control Flying Club

Model flying of all types including gas turbines, silent flight, helicopters, powered fixed wing and electric.

Blackridge & District Model Flying Club

Information about membership, club rules and facilities, events, and location.

Bonchester Model Flying Club

Latest news, local weather forecast, location map and contacts.

Boston Model Aero Club

Proffers basic information on the organization's history, profile, events, and contact details.

Bracknell & District Model Aircraft Club

Promotes the sport of radio controlled model aircraft flying across a variety of disciplines; includes news, membership, events, and resources.

Bromsgrove Model Flying Club

Club with a flying area in Bromsgrove, and flying a wide range of model aircraft. Club nights, newsletters, flying restrictions, joining, and information for novices.

Bryn Bach Park Model Flying Club

Club profile, membership fees, their instructor, photo galleries and news.

Buchan Aeromodellers

Caters for all forms of model aircraft flying. Information about membership, subscription fees their flying site at Toux Farm, events and a forum.

Bude and District Model Aircraft Club

Club of radio-controlled model flying enthusiasts enjoying a hilltop site overlooking the sea, with a friendly landlord and a resident pig. Includes meetings, guidelines, indoor flying and local weather.

Burns Country Flyers

Latest news, videos, documents, contacts and a photo gallery.

CADMAC – Chichester and District Model Aero Club

Provides opportunities for outdoor and indoor radio-controlled model aircraft; includes details of membership, venues used, and meetings calendar.

Cardiff Model Aircraft Club

Has a club profile, photographs, flying days and location. CardiffMAC

Central Scotland RC Heli Club

Club mission, news, facilities, membership fees and a forum.

Chase Model Aero Club

Meeting times and locations, membership fees, news, photo galleries and events.

Cheshire Falcons

General information about the club, including videos, flight simulator and items for sale.

Chesil Model Flying Club

Provides history, profile, pictures, guidelines, maps, events diary, articles and videos.

Chichester and District Model Aero Club

Provides opportunities for outdoor and indoor radio-controlled model aircraft; includes details of membership, venues used, and meetings calendar.

Christchurch and District Model Flying Club

Membership details, newsletter, meeting times, news, flying sites and locations.

Cirencester and District Model Aircraft Club

Founded in 1947 and using a site on Kemble airfield. Has a diary of events, news, rules and photographs.

Cleveland RC Club

Welcomes everyone with a love of RC planes, helicopters and those looking for a new hobby.

Cotswold Radio Control Society

Formed in 1962 and based near Stroud, has a live webcam, projects, tips and contacts.

Craigavon Model Aircraft Club

Based just outside Portadown and with two flying sites. Includes weather, photo gallery, videos, club news and sites map locations.

Crawley & District Model Aircraft Club (CADMAC)

Flies all types of model aircraft, radio control, free-flight, control-line, and indoor. Includes their programme, events, and membership details.

Cumbernauld Model Flying Club

Caters for fixed wing and helicopter flying of all ages; includes an events diary, details of their flying site, and a guide for people looking to get started in the hobby.

Dallachy Aeromodellers

Upcoming events, photo gallery, location map and contacts.

Darlington and District Model Flying Club

Contains diary of activities, news, membership fees and information.

Davidstow Model Flying Club

Flying site rules, photo galleries, events, for sale items and competitions.

Delta Hawks Model Flying Club

Provides information on both airplane and helicopter modelling. Also includes diary of past and upcoming events, and contact information for application.

Dornoch MFC

Model Flying Club with membership details, news, training, videos, documents and committee.

Dumbarton & District Model Aircraft Club

Provides information on membership, meeting times, activities, information about their flying site, news and a forum.

Dumfries Model Flying Club

Membership fees, rules, training, video, meeting times and locations.

Dundee Model Aircraft Club

Aims to promote the hobby. Contains advice for beginner and advanced hobbyists, videos and a forum.

Dunfermline Model Aero Club

News photo gallery, tutorials, history and annual event.

East Fortune Aeromodellers

Membership, meetings, subscriptions, committee and a photo gallery.

East Kilbride Model Flying Club

Club background, programme of events, videos, location map and times.

Eddystone Model Flying Club

Group of enthusiasts near Plymouth, accredited by the British Model Flying Association. Models and videos, field photographs, forum and news.

Epsom Downs Model Aircraft Club

Association of organized model flyers involved in regulating the sport.

Epsom Radio Flying Club

One of the South East's longest established model flying clubs with several sites on the border of Surrey and Sussex near to Gatwick airport; with details of membership and activities.

Evansville Radio Control Model Aircraft Club

Has a club profile, news, their training programme, videos and contact information.

Falkirk Model Flying Club

One of the founder member clubs of the Scottish Aeromodellers Association in 1944, still promoting radio control model construction and flying; with details of their flying field, events, news, and contacts.

Frome Model Flying Club

Provides pictures of different model aircrafts and aerial photos of flying sites. Includes journal of events and stories of experiences on aeromodelling.

Gaer Park Model Flying Club

Membership application form, fees, contacts and location.

Gloucester Model Flying Club

Committee profiles, membership fees, constitution, rules and items for sale.

Hamilton Model Flying Club

Provides group profile and information on history, membership, contact details, and picture gallery of model aeroplanes.

Haverfordwest Model Club

Has a club history, news, club fees, events and a location map.

The Highland Gliding Club

Details and photographs of the various models, locations and members.

Huddersfield & District Model Aircraft Club

A club for people interested in designing, building, and flying all types of model aircraft. Includes information about club flying sites, membership, training available, and disciplines catered for.

Inverurie & District Model Flying Club

News items and announcements, membership, instructor availability and a forum.

The Jersey Model Aero Club

Types of craft flown, flying times, location, membership fees and photo gallery.

Konkorde Model Flying Club

RC model flying based in North Devon. Tells their history, events, news, committee members and a photo gallery.

Leek and Moorland Model Gliding Association

The club has 7 flying sites, competition details, latest news, events and membership information.

Livingston Model Aircraft Club

Has a club profile, membership fees, photographs, news and articles.

Longdon Model Flying Club

Founded by Mr. Brian Butler, the group aims to accommodate both beginners in giving training and instruction on radio controlled flying.

Manx Model Flyers

Presents news and updates on group activities, photos of flying sites and model airplanes. Also includes group information and member profiles.

Medway Model Flying Club

Association of model airplane and helicopter enthusiasts that provides advice for novice hobbyists. Also contains pictures, history and member profiles.

Mid-Cheshire Model Flying Club

A small, friendly club, and have recently been granted the use of an airfield at Wettenhall, near Winsford. Their main area of interest is in fixed wing radio control aircraft, both electric and i.c. powered.

Newbury and District Model Aircraft Society

Aims to further interest in radio control model flying. Also aspires to organize activities for the promotion of the sport.

North Berks Radio Model Aircraft Society

Has a club background, membership fees, meeting times, rules, events and club-nights.

North Down Model Aircraft Club

A club on the Ards Peninsula whose main interest is fixed-wing radio-controlled aircraft, but also catering for model helicopters.

North Oxfordshire Model Aircraft Club

Presents information on the members, the history of the group, and pictures and profiles of model airplanes used in the club.

North West Warbirds

Membership enquiries, news, events, photographs, videos and a forum.

North Worchestershire Model Aircraft Society

Association of aeromodellers based in Redditch, United Kingdom. Provides details of history, profile, and schedule of activities.

Northwest Model Aircraft Club

Group accredited to both the Northern Ireland Association of Aeromodellers and the British Model Flying Association. Contains updates, activity schedule, and photos.

Omagh Model Flying Site

Has a club profile, news, photographs, upcoming events and a location map.

Oxford Model Flying Club

Formed in 1969 and flies all types of models from indoor to outdoors. Membership form, news, photo gallery and locations.

Oxon Helicopter Collective

Club calendar, news, beginners and visitor information, photo gallery and downloads.

Penicuik & District Model Flying Association

Provides details of sessions and training, membership, events diary, committee members, ompetition results, galleries and videos.

Queens View Model Flying Club

Club profile, news, rules, constitution, membership fees and videos.

RAF Model Aircraft Association

Mod site with events membership details, club locations and photo galleries.

RC Cornwall Flyers

Club history, flying site locations, calendar, news and for sale.

Reading and District Model Aircraft Club

A guide to club activities and events, with newsletters, details of their flying site and times, and contacts.

Ross-shire Model Flying Club

Location details, news, fees, projects and photographs.

Royal Air Force Model Aircraft Association

Caters for interests in all aspects of aeromodelling; includes details of membership, events, newsletters, and a hints and tips section.

Sale Model Flying Club

Presents their club field map, minutes, contacts, photos, news, and related links.

Sedgemoor Radio Control Flying Club

Has membership details, visitor information, training information and events.

Sheffield Society of Aeromodellers

Newsletter, membership form, indoor flying meetings, videos and contacts.

Skelmersdale Model Aircraft Club

A fixed and rotary wing club flying all types of powered aircraft. Includes details of membership, flying facilities, events, photo galleries and contacts.

South Wales Radio Control Society

Club flying model aircaft at the former RAF Llandow since 1963. Has news, events, meeting times and membership details.

St Angelo MFC

Includes information about club flying sites, membership fees, events, plane projects and photographs. StAngeloMFC/

St. Austell & District Modelling Club

Subscription and membership details, flying times, videos and contacts.

Stranraer & District Model Flying Club

Fly out of Castle Kennedy airfield; includes details of membership, flying times, news, events and contacts.

Thames Valley Silent Flyers

Latest news, club handbook, committee, competitions and a forum.

Tiverton and District Model Aero Club

Fly RC models from a site on the edge of the Exmoor National Park. Has meeting times, location map, photo gallery, events and safety code.

Truro and District Model Flying Club

Offers free instruction, lists committee members, annual fees and items for sale.

Tyldesley Model Flying Club

Information about membership, training, competitions and events, a club history, and galleries.

Tyrella Model Aircraft Club

Has news, photographs and videos of this club in Downpatrick.

Ulster Model Aircraft Club

Founded in 1936, is the largest in the country. Gives their history, events, news, membership details and items for sale.

Waltham Chase Aeromodellers

Established BMFA affiliated club maintaining a mown grass site in the Bishops Waltham, Hampshire area, encompassing all types of model flying from Vintage, control line and radio assist free-flight through traditional R/C fixed wing and helicopter, to multi-rotors and FPV.

Warrix Flying Group

A group of enthusiasts who fly fixed wing IC, and electric, powered aircraft, float planes, also gliders and helicopters. Flying times, news, committee, rules and location.

Wealden Model Aircraft Society

A Kent club for radio controlled fixed wing model aircraft and helicopters. Includes information about membership, their flying site, events, and support for beginners.

West Calder And District Model Flying Club

Information about membership, meetings, and their flying site; also includes an events diary, news, and advice for beginners.

White Horse Model Club

A club profile, committee members, informal events, membership options and fees.

White Sheet Radio Flying Club

Visitor information, events programme, competition dates, forum and membership application form.

Woodspring Wings MAC

Active in all areas of radio-controlled aircraft, including helicopters, jets, gliders, and fixed wing models; includes details of membership, events, and their flying site near Clevedon, Somerset.

Wrexham Model Flying Club

Club profile, events, membership, rules, photographs and contacts.

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