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Recreation Drugs

BBC News: Cannabis FAQs

Provides an explanation of commonly used terms relating to the cannabis plant and its products.

Fantazia: Recreational Drugs

An A-Z of recreational and illegal drugs widely used by clubbers providing information and facts for people to make informed drug choices.

The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs

Founded to investigate and review the scientific evidence relating to drugs regardless of political agendas. Provides research supported harm reduction advice for alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs.

Know Cannabis

Helps cannabis users to assess their use, the impact on their lives, and how to make changes if they want to. Includes non judgmental tips and advice on reducing health damage.

Psychoactive Drugs Guide

Outlines the basic facts about a number of psychoactive drugs, including statistics, the law, history of the drug, its effects and risks.

Talk to Frank

Government funded web site with facts, stories, how to get help including emergency help.

Urban 75 Drug Info

Offers impartial advice on recreational drugs without condoning or condemning. Includes information, helplines, street terms, the law, health, and death rates.

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