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Basset Fauve De Bretagne Club

Introduces this active, lively, little French hound and provides information about the breed, the club and judges as well as news and a photo gallery.

Bribiba Irish Wolfhounds

Page content includes photo gallery, diary entry, puppy facts, memorial page, pedigree details, and additional resources.

Flixtonia Hamiltonstövare

Explains that although the most popular hound in Sweden they are rare in the UK, and provides background information on the breed, and details of their dogs. Includes the story of one of their dogs, sold abroad and abused by having its vocal chords cut, and a gallery of old prints.

Foxhound Welfare

Rescue, re-train and re-home Foxhounds and give advice and help owners understand their foxhounds needs.

Lurcher Link

Voluntary organisation whose aim is to try and save Lurchers' lives by liaising between rescues, stray pounds and members of the public. Contains forums, a happy endings page and dogs looking for homes.

The Otterhound Club

Organisation formed to preserve this very rare and ancient British breed of dog. History, registered breeders, rescue policy, health, events and galleries of working dogs.

Sighthounds Online

Works for the welfare of all breeds of Sighthounds, by raising funds to support rescue, care, and protection, and by campaigning against greyhound racing, hunting with dogs, and irresponsible breeding; with details of events and activities, and links.

Sloughi Rescue

Promotes any Sloughis in rescue in the UK, the US and Europe, and provides details of dogs needing homes, and rescue stories.

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