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Pets Exotic

Blue Lizard Reptiles

One of the UK'S largest reptile suppliers offering care information, food, heatings and starter kits with free UK delivery.

British Chelonia Group

Provides chelonia keepers with support to ensure that their captive animals receive quality husbandry.

British Tarantula Society

Presents beginners' guides for those wanting to keep a tarantula, plus society membership information and details of its activities. Also offers FAQ and journal information.

Giant African Land Snails

Providing accurate and indepth information on GALS care.

Hades Dragons

Breeders of bearded dragons offer details of available reptiles plus care article and information on cage design. Located in Chester.

International Herpetological Society

Features news, membership information and details of breeders' meetings.


Cheshire based breeder offering unusual cultivars of cornsnakes. Presents photographs of available snakes plus extensive galleries of cultivars and breeding information.

Marcus Langford Reptiles

Specialist breeder of tortoises and chameleons presents photographs and details of the animals, with information about purchasing.

Pet Snails

Offers information on keeping snails and slugs as pets, with species details and photographs.

Pet Snails Forum

Active discussion boards for people who enjoy keeping snails or slugs.

Pet Snakes

Aims to provide the novice and would-be snake owner with advice and information on the selection, care and breeding of snakes.


Focuses on keeping amphibians as pets, with care sheets, articles and Q&A plus details of amphibians for sale.

Portsmouth Reptile and Amphibian Society

Provides care sheets and articles as well as details of this society's activities and meetings.

Ratsnake Foundation

Herpetological society for ratsnake enthusiasts. Has news, articles, distribution maps, classifieds, a photo gallery and forum.

Reptile Forums UK

Discussion and advice related to reptile keeping, with a UK focus.

Reptile Zones

Provides a directory of reptile breeders, supply shops and information sites in the UK.

The Tortoise House

Presents a variety of information about the care and breeding of tortoise species in the UK, with a breeder list and photographic articles.

The Tortoise Lady

A Lincolnshire information site and shop offering information such as hibernation, diet and nutrition needs and food for health information.

Tortoise Trust

Dedicated to the conservation and captive care of Chelonia; campaigns against pet shop abuse. Features care sheets, news and articles.

Turbo Tortoises

Tortoise breeder presents information on his available tortoises and offers general care information.

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