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Pets Fish and Aquaria

Fish Keeping Forum

Offering advice, support and friendship for those keeping tropical, marine and cold water fish.

The Fish Orphans Scheme

Rehomes unwanted fish, tropical and coldwater, from home tanks, pools and ponds - to other fishkeepers or to tanks and aquaria in hospitals and retirement homes; describes their scheme and facilities, with contacts.


Portal for UK fish keeping enthusiasts, offering advice on keeping cold water, tropical and marine fish. Includes care sheets, articles, photo galleries and forum.

Practical Fishkeeping

Online version of this aquarium magazine features subscription information, news, reviews and articles, plus online tools, calculators and databases.

Reefs UK

Active forum, supporting enthusiasts for marine aquariums.

Seriously Fish

Acts as a resource for serious aquarists in the UK; includes an encyclopaedia of species profiles, with forums and contacts.

Think Fish

Provides extensive resources for tropical and marine fishkeeping, including articles, forums, fish and plant databases and fish health details.

Tropical Fish Centre

A library of resources and advice for people looking to get started in the hobby of keeping tropical fish.

Tropical Fish Forums UK

An online community for tropical fish keepers and enthusiasts.

The Tropical Tank

Provides a library of information and resources for newcomers to the hobby of keeping tropical fish in aquaria.

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