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Flag Institute

The UK's vexillogical organisation. Includes details of the Union Jack, the flag library in Hull, publications and about vexillology.

Flags of the Interregnum, 1649-1660

Shows the flags and arms used in the period including the flags of the commonwealth and protectorate, and Cromwell's banner.

Flags of the World: Cornwall

Illustration, origins and discussion of St Piran's Cross, the Cornish coat of arms, and the Cornish ensign.

Flags of the World: England

Description of the flag, earliest use and other uses, and flags of the English counties, regional and municipal flags. Includes an illustration and discussion of the Banner of England.

Flags of the World: Scotland

Origins and history, legendary origins, use of the flag and Scottish law pertaining to the flag, and flags of the Scottish districts and municipalities.

How to draw the Union Jack

Detailed specifications with pantone colours, measurements and ratios, and a common error.

Know How: The Union Jack

Highlighting the history and meaning of the union Jack that is made up of three different national symbols. Information available in English and Italian.

The Union Jack

Highlighting the history of the Union Jack and how it became named with an explanation of its use as a ensign.

United Kingdom - History of the Flag

Detailed history of how the Union Jack came into being, including early designs not adopted, legal status and maritime history.

Wales: History of Welsh Flags

Discusses the origins of the Welsh flag and its distinctive red dragon, and the variations recorded in documents.

Wiltshire Flag

Offers information on Wiltshire's flag, which did not exist until 2007.

World Flag Database

A clickable A to Z of the World's flags with images.

World Flag Database

A London based institute offering a full index containing more than 260 pages of flags of countries and international organisations.

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