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Collections of British Folk and Traditional Tunes and Songs

Offers a comprehensive collection of resources, including learning abc notation, related software, and an extensive library of folk and traditional tunes (with music from other cultures), and a forum.

An Daras - Music of Cornwall

Offers a library of traditional Cornish tunes with midi files, songs in dialect and the Cornish language, Cornish bagpipes tunes, a bibliography and discography.

Axon Ballad Collection

Presents images of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society's Axon Ballad collection, named after their collector, G.R. Axon.

Contemplations from the Marianas Trench

Collection of biography, lyrics, tunes and historical information on folksongs and ballads; includes Irish, British and American folk music, the Child Ballads and sea shanties.


A search engine for folk tunes by title or tune fragments; provides results in notation, abc, and midi formats, and includes blogs and how to get involved.

The Grand Catalog of Conrad Bladey's Beuk of Newcassel Sangs

An online collection of scores and lyrics for traditional songs and tunes from the North East of England, many with abc notation.

Highland Music Trust

A library of collections of traditional Scots music, available for free download as PDF files.

Jack Campin's Homepage

Maintains a wide ranging collection of traditional tunes from various sources, many from old and rare sources; in abc format.

Kist o' Dreams

A resource about lullabies and children's songs from Scottish tradition; includes background on the project, how to access recordings, and lyrics.

The LeSession Pages

Offers a collection of resources and tools for writing and interpreting music using abc notation; also includes the FAQ for the Usenet newsgroup, and links to tune collections.

The Music of James Scott Skinner

Aberdeen University's collection of materials about a key figure in Scottish traditional music, and his predecessors. Includes a biography, audio and video clips, online copies of manuscripts, discography, and bibliography.

Northumbrian, Tyneside and other Traditional Tunes for the Fiddle

Offers a tunebook with collections of Northumbrian and other session tunes for purchase. Also provides a library of free samples of some of the most popular to download.


An online archive of recordings of mainly Scottish traditional and popular music and sound from private collections.

Scotland's Songs

An extensive collection of traditional songs (in English and Gaelic) and tunes, with lyrics, audio clips, and a library of resources about Scotland's musical traditions.

Songs of the West

Describes the life and work of Sabine Baring-Gould and his song collection made in Devon and Cornwall at the end of the nineteenth century; includes an online library of sheet music, lyrics, and midi files.

Traditional Music Library

Online traditional music library contains songbooks, tune books, sheet music, lyrics, audio media files, tablatures, chord diagrams, and educational materials related to folk music.

The Traditional Music Pages

Nigel Gatherer's collection of resources for lovers of traditional and folk music; includes tune collections in abc and sheet format, mandolin and whistle tutorials, and other materials.

Tune Book Live!

Originally "Richard Robinson's TuneBook", now a database of tunes with various traditional forms, including jigs and reels, polka, polska, schottische, bourrée, in music notation and in PDF, midi, and ABC formats.

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library

The library and archive of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Includes a guide to their holdings and collections, exhibitions, catalogue, and contacts.

VMP - Village Music Project

Describes a project researching English social music and musicians from the 17th century onwards; includes a guide to manuscript collections and archives, and a listing of published collections.

Yorkshire Garland Group

Aims to make Yorkshire’s folk song heritage publicly available; includes a collection of songs, with audio, lyrics, and score. Also includes newsletters and events diary.

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