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Rabbits and Small Mammals

Auntyanimal Small Animal Fostering and Rescue

Voluntary organisation taking in a variety of animals, unwanted or abandoned, offering rehabilitation and care until the right loving home is found.

Bobtail Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue

Displays images of adoptable animals and articles on how to care for them.

Burrowed Hearts Animal Rescue

A small non-profit animal rescue based in Nottingham that take in small animals and find them loving new homes.

Camp Nibble

A special needs rabbit and small animal sanctuary in Leeds.

Carrot Tops Rabbit Rescue

Gloucestershire rabbit rescue centre dedicated to rescuing and re-homing unwanted pet rabbits. View the rabbits currently in care and a re-homing policy.

Chinchillas 4 Life

Rescues un-wanted and sick chinchillas.

Cotton Tails Rescue

A registered charity that re-homes and rescues unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs. Details of the animals available with helpful hints and health articles.

Dean Forest Rabbit Haven

Offers permanent homes to disabled, terminally ill or unrehomable rabbits in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Fat Fluffs

A rabbit rescue centre located in Solihull. Provides details of their rabbits in care with adoption information and rabbit care facts.

Greenwich Rabbit Rescue

Reported to be the largest rabbit rescue centre in London. Read online care tips with infection and ailment details and how to offer help.

Hamster Haven (Rescue)

Home based, self funded hamster rescue based in Cheshire.

Hopper Haven

A rabbits and guinea pigs sanctuary located in Redditch. Offers details of the animals they have rescued with re-homing details and online care advice.

Lincoln Rat Rescue

A no-kill shelter that rescues and rehomes rats. Includes several success stories.

Mustelid Rescue UK

Specialising in the rescue of weasels and stoats.


A sanctuary dedicated to rescuing and re-homing rabbits and guinea pigs. Provides details of the animals available to re-home in Norfolk East Anglia.

The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare

An overview of the re-homing centre with care information and animal facts plus how to help. Includes news and sponsorship details.

Rabbit Rehome

Provides organisational profile and history, list of rescued rabbits for home placements, news, and contact details.

Reading Rabbit Rescue

Offers profiles of rabbits needing a home with a range of rabbit care information. Based in Reading.

The Rescue Range

Small establishment offers help with re-homing guinea pigs and rabbits.

Shortwood Small Animal Rescue

Small self funded rescue for all small animals. Also offer small animal boarding which proceeds help fund the rescue.


The UK's largest wildlife hospital caring for injured, sick hedgehogs, badges, birds and foxes. View details of their Aylesbury centre and how to donate.

Winterbourne Rabbits

South Gloucestershire rabbit rescue centre that has been established for more than 25 years. View details of their work along with their boarding services.

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