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Science Astronomy and Space

All About Space

Highlights this regular magazine devoted to space, space exploration and related technology. spaceanswers

Astro Baby

Offers a personal view of astronomy, with reviews of this amateur's favourite telescopes and equipment.

The Astronomer

Magazine designed for the advanced amateur astronomer. Includes magazine index, subscription information and details of forthcoming events.

Astronomy Know How

Includes guides and articles for those hoping to get started in astronomy.

Astronomy Now

Official site of this popular UK astronomy magazine, offering online articles, sky charts, news and subscription information.

Astronomy Shed

Providing an active discussion forum for keen astronomers.


Lancaster University's guide to a spectacular natural phenomenon, occasionally seen in the night sky over Britain. Includes an explanation, alerts, and contacts.

AuroraWatch UK

A Lancaster University project that monitors solar activity; offers a service to alert interested observers to the appearance of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights).

BBC Sky at Night

Monthly magazine based on the popular TV programme; includes subscription details, and information about current and past issues.

Beagle 2 Project

Describes the British led effort to land on Mars, part of the European Space Agency's Mars Express Mission, launched in June 2003. Information about the science and technology background, the landing timeline, and last news.

Bristol Spaceplanes Limited

A company focused on spaceplane design, to realise low-cost access to space; includes a profile, details of their projects, and contacts.

British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS)

A group of meteorite researchers and amateur collectors. Includes a listing of meteorites that have fallen in Britain, background science, a forum, links, and contacts.

British Interplanetary Society

Britain’s leading think tank on space development; offers membership information and details of current projects, including The BIS Lunar Spaceship, and Projects Daedalus and Icarus, both focusing on the design of interstellar probes.

Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit

Provides information on the facilities and expertise of this research unit, focusing on astronomical surveying.

Earth and Space Foundation

Charity which provides funding for scientific studies in space exploration and environmental concerns. Includes art gallery and details of current and previous awards made.

Earth Impact Effects Program

Provides a calculator for working out the impact of an asteroid strike on the earth.

Federation of Astronomical Societies

Union of astronomical societies, groups, and individuals, liasing together, where practicable, for their mutual benefit.

Galaxy Zoo

An Oxford University project which invites members of the public to classify thousands of galaxies according to shape.

Historic Falls

A meteorite collector based in London provides a library of articles and resources about the men and women who witnessed them, and about the rocks themselves.

HMNAO Astronomical Data Portal

The UK Hydrographic Office presents a wealth of freely available astronomical data.


Contains information about this journal of the British Interplanetary Society.

Meteor Watch

A collection of resources about meteors and observing them; also includes news about predicted meteor showers, photo galleries, and advice on recording them.

An informal group of astronomers and radio enthusiasts with a special interest in meteor detection and radio astronomy. Describes their projects, with a calendar of meteor showers through the year.

The Monthly Skyguide

An online library of free star and constellation charts, and resources for the amateur astronomer; also available to download in PDF format.

MSG Meteorites

An enthusiastic collector specialising in meteorites which have fallen in the UK and Ireland; includes a library of articles, background science, and contacts.

Night Sky Hunter

Features beautiful night sky photography from the UK, plus astronomy news and information about aurora and comets.

Northumberland Telescope

Large refracting telescope with an accurate clock-driven equatorial mounting to follow a star in its diurnal motion across the sky.

Project Icarus

Joint Tau Zero Foundation and British Interplanetary Society Initiative which aims to design a credible interstellar probe.

Royal Astronomical Society

The UK's leading professional body for astronomy and astrophysics, geophysics, and planetary sciences. Includes their support programmes, library and archives, education resources, and lecture schedule.

Sky at Night

Official site of this iconic astronomy and space TV programme presented by Sir Patrick Moore.

Society for the History of Astronomy

Membership society for astronomy historians; features news, outreach opportunities and details of current projects and special interest groups.

The Space Group

A specialist group of the Royal Aeronautical Society; information about membership, events, and news.

Spaceguard UK

Dedicated to studying the threats to earth from collisions with asteroids and comets. Provides visitor information and news, plus a wealth of information on near earth objects. Located in Knighton, Powys, Wales.

Spaceport Scotland

Promotes Scotland as being the ideal location for the UK's first spaceport.

SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd)

Delivers small operational and commercial satellite missions; includes a company profile, with information about their products, services, and facilities.

STAAR Research (Space Technology Applications and Astronomy Research)

The Scottish rocket programme; describes their research into waverider spaceplane technology. Also supports Space Education and runs rocketry workshops for educational and public events.

Stargazers Lounge

Active astronomy discussion forum.

The Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission

Describes UK involvement in NASA's Swift satellite with a Gamma-Ray Burst detector and X-ray and optical telescopes. Also includes data, details of how to access and use it, news, training, and contacts.

Thorrowgood Telescope

Built by T. Cooke & Sons of York & London in 1864, the achromatic doublet object glass has an aperture of 8 inches and a focal length of 114 inches (f/14).

Transit of Venus

Article from the Guardian explaining how to view the transit of Venus across the Sun's face on the 5-6th June 2012.

UK Solar System Data Centre (UKSSDC)

Facilitates access to both local and distributed (UK and international) datasets for scientists in the UK; includes registration details.

UK Space Agency

Launched to bring all UK civil space activities under one management. Includes an overview of their programmes and the sector, with learning resources, publications, news, and contacts.

Virgin Galactic

Home of Richard Branson's company, which plans to plans to provide sub-orbital spaceflights to the paying public; includes full details of the project with news, career opportunities and video.

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