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Darwin, Charles

Ancestor's Trail

An annual walking event using footpaths in the Quantocks to represent Darwin’s evolutionary tree of life, inspired by Richard Dawkins' book "The Ancestor's Tale"; includes dates and venue details, photos, and an invitation to participate.

Charles Darwin Education Resources

Offers a selection of education materials suitable for 11-16 year olds covering Darwin, his work, and significance.

The Charles Darwin Trust

Works to enhance understanding of Darwin's historical and contemporary significance, and to promote excellence in science education. Includes news, events, contacts, and a guide to their projects and programmes for schools.

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

Contains Darwin's complete publications, thousands of private papers, bibliography, manuscript catalogue and hundreds of supplementary works. Includes a user guide.

Darwin - Big Idea Big Exhibition

Interactive Beagle voyage explores Darwin's 5-year voyage on the Beagle where he came up with his revolutionary evolution ideas.

Darwin 200

Details the national programme of events celebrating Charles Darwin’s scientific ideas and their impact around his two hundredth birthday on 12 February 2009. Includes biographical information and a map of Darwin's Britain.

Darwin Correspondence Project

Aims to locate, research, and publish summaries of, all letters written by Charles Darwin. Includes FAQ and teaching resource in addition to the letters themselves.

Darwin Day Celebration

Co-ordinates and promotes events worldwide on or around Darwin's birthday. Includes resource for organisers, audio files, photo galleries and event listings.

Darwin's Landscape Laboratory -

A guide to the museum and nature reserve established at Down House, in Downe, Kent, where Darwin lived and worked on his Theory of Evolution. Includes resources, a virtual tour, and practical details for visitors.

Darwin's Pigeons

Offering extensive information on Darwin's research into pigeon breeding.

The Friends of Charles Darwin

Originally founded to campaign for the depiction of their hero, Charles Darwin, on a Bank of England bank note. Provides a collection of articles and resources, with details of membership and links.

The HMS Beagle Project

Charts progress in this project which aims to build a sailing replica of Darwin's HMS Beagle, which will carry a team of researchers and scientists around the world.

The HMS Beagle Project

A project to build a replica of the ship and sail her around the world to support research and public engagement in science; with progress reports and news, how to get involved, and contacts. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-HMS-Beagle-Project/214845158568329 beagleproject

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