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Science Chemistry


An online library of chemical structures and 3D molecules, including common pharmaceuticals, molecule of the month, and an interactive periodic table.

Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)

Compilers of a world repository of small-molecule crystal structures; offers a guide to their scientific products, services, and research programmes, with news and contacts.


An interactive science centre and museum of chemistry located in Widnes. Site offers education and conference information, directions and opening times.

Chemical Structure Association Trust

Charity which promotes research into chemical structures, compounds and reactions. Includes articles and newsletter archive.

Chemistry 101: What Is Chemistry

Providing a formal definition of chemistry, where to get help with a science fair project, why and what to study.

The Chemistry Club

London based club providing details of chemistry related events, master classes and recruitment opportunities.

Chemistry Review

Magazine for post-16 chemists aiming to make chemistry exciting and understandable.

Creative Chemistry

Maintains a library of chemistry-related resources for teachers, school students at GCSE and A-level; includes revision aids, worksheets, and fun stuff.


UK’s designated National Measurement Institute for chemical and biochemical analysis and host for the UK’s Government Chemist function. Includes details of forensics, food science and research divisions.

Molecule of the Month

Presents a collection of interesting molecules, put together as a collaborative project between the Chemistry Departments from around the UK.

Royal Society of Chemistry

Features an information centre, educational resources and membership information, plus details of networks, policies, awards and publications.

UK Semiochemistry Network

Offering information of interest to British scientists interested in semiochemistry - the science of smell.

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