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A Level Chemistry in Perspective

A library of resources written by a tutor who specialised in helping students taking A Level re-sits to achieve higher grades.

ARKive Teaching Resources

A collection of education resources linked to the National Curriculum covering a range of key science and biology subjects.

Association for Science Education

A subject association and community of teachers, technicians, and other professionals supporting science education; with information about professional development opportunities, resources, regional groups, and contacts.

At Work with Science

Presents a range of free online and downloadable secondary age teaching resources about how science is used in the pharmaceutical industry. From the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

BGfL Primary Resources

Fun activities to help develop pupils' understanding of science with feedback provided to encourage pupil to talk about their choices.


A resource for biology teachers in school, college and university; includes a private email service, online resource library of useful teaching materials, and a speakers database.

A revision website designed for students studying an A-Level Biology or Human Biology.


An independent site providing resources and materials for students studying A level biology; also includes a library of worksheets, notes, interactive tasks, Powerpoints, overheads, and revision notes.


Provides a library of resource materials to support the learning and teaching of Biology at a variety of levels.

British Science Association: Clubs, CREST Awards and Fairs

Describes the Association's science award scheme, which offers different levels for children aged between 5 and 19.


Schools resource from the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association providing information for children about the science and design behind cosmetics. Has sections for KS2, KS3 and KS4, with teacher's notes and downloadable worksheets.


A comprehensive resource for students studying chemistry for A level, Scottish Highers, and other pre-university chemistry exams.

The Chemical Galaxy

Presents a new vision of the Periodic Table of the elements, as a spiral galaxy, to complement the traditional table and also to evoke wonder at the order underlying the universe.


An advisory service providing support in science and technology for a consortium of local authorities and their schools. Includes details of membership, services, and resources, including some free for download.

Creative Chemistry

Maintains a library of chemistry-related resources for teachers, school students at GCSE and A-level; includes revision aids, worksheets, and fun stuff.

DNA to Darwin

Allows 16–19 year-old school students to explore the molecular evidence for evolution; includes student and teacher materials for case studies in microbiology, plant and animal biology and human evolution.

Doc Brown's Science

A collection of resources for teaching and learning KS3 science, and GCSE and A-level Chemistry.

Education Using Powerpoint

Suppliers of an extensive range of PowerPoint presentations and other resources for teaching physics, chemistry and biology, mainly for the GCSE specificataions, but also for KS3 and A level.

Fungi 4 Schools

Provides an extensive library of resources and activities for learning about fungi, suitable for all Key Stages.

The Globe Programme

Enables students to measure the local environment at their school, and compare it with other schools around the world. Features activities, teachers' notes and details of how to register and input data.

The Great Plant Hunt

Kew Gardens presents free primary school resources linked to the science curriculum and themed around the Darwin bicentennial celebrations. Includes registration form for schools.


Offers an extensive range of teaching and interactive learning resources, for use from KS3 through to A level courses. Also provides a teacher toolkit, allowing teachers to create their own animations.

Microbiology Online

An extensive online resource to support the teaching and learning of microbiology across the key stages.

Practical Biology

Provides a library of resources, including experiments, investigations, and a techniques section; designed for teachers of biology.

Real Science

Provides science teaching resources and discussion ideas for secondary age children linked to topical research news.

Rod's Pages Chemistry Solutions

Offers a library of resources mainly for A Level Chemistry, with a small section for GCSE students.

School Science

Brings together a wealth of interactive science materials for primary and secondary age children, many contributed by leading scientific organisations, manufacturers and trade associations.

Schoolphysics Online

An extensive library of animations, diagrams, information and work sheets, and exam specifications to support physics and science students and teachers from KS3 through to A level.

Schools Aerospace Challenge

Team aerospace design challenge for 16-18 year olds; includes entry information and details of what the competition involves.

Science and Plants for Schools

Features extensive teaching resources, project ideas and support for teaching plant science at both primary and secondary levels.

Science Issues and the National Curriculum

Offers a programme of ten units challenging known misconceptions that typically remain even after students have completed a GCSE science course.

Science Issues and the National Curriculum

Offers a multimedia learning package to help students understand the scientific ideas behind a wide range of environmental issues.

Science, Art and Writing (SAW)

A project that aims to use science creatively in the classroom to inspire artistic and scientific endeavour; describes the scheme, with testimonials, and guides for teachers and participating scientists, artists and writers.

Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre

Provides a range of support services and training for science education in Scotland; includes details of membership and contacts.

Sky Rainforest Rescue Challenge

Competition for primary and secondary schools in the UK which involves team challenges on topics affecting the rainforest. Includes FAQ, registration information and news.

Snapshot Science

Contains science teaching ideas and resources based on topical events for secondary schools. snapshotscience

Spacetech's Orrery

An online guide to the solar system for science students.

Survival Rivals

Offers a collection of science kits for schools, involving experiments inspired by Darwin; includes free online resources for schools and purchase details.

Vega Science Trust

Provides an extensive online library of videos related to the sciences, careers and issues in science, organised by series, scientist, and subject.

Virtual Quarry

The Mineral Products Association's interactive resource for schools about the UK quarrying industry; also includes supporting materials and suggestions for teachers.

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