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Neuroscience UK

BNA 2013 Festival of Neuroscience

Biennial festival which brings together 18 societies with a neuroscience interest. bna2013festival

British Neuroscience Association

Membership body representing all aspects of neuroscience. Contains membership information, news, event details and career advice.

Cambridge Neuroscience

Links multidisciplinary neuroscience research and teaching across the University of Cambridge and affiliated institutes to enhance the understanding of brain function and to raise quality of life.

Centre for Neuroscience Research at the University of Edinburgh

Undertakes research in neural development and its relationship to repair mechanisms, neuronal cell death and survival, axonal and synaptic degeneration, pain, and cognitive neuroscience.

Edinburgh Neuroscience

The University of in the Borough highlighting their clinical research into the understanding and diagnostics of some of our major diseases.

The Guardian: Neuroscience

Offering articles, news and video clips relating to neuroscience.

In Our Time: Neuroscience

Contains the full broadcast of this 2008 Radio 4 programme in which Melvyn Bragg and guests examine the relationship between the mind and the brain, as they discuss recent developments in neuroscience.

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Interdisciplinary research institute focusing on the study of mental processes in the human brain, in health and disease.

Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Research facility attached to the Addenbrooke's Hospital Neuro Critical Care Unit and dedicated to imaging function in the injured human brain using Positron Emission Tomography and Magnetic Resonance.

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