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Official website of Julian Richards, archaeologist, broadcaster and writer.

Aubrey, John

Discusses the life history, works, and discoveries of the English antiquary and miscellaneous writer.

Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers

Accounts the life story of the late Lieutenant General. Includes details on his service in the military and his contributions to Archaeology.

Blockley, Marion

Profiles this archaeologist, interpretive planner and heritage consultant, and provides case studies from her recent projects, as well as testimonials.

Branigan, Keith

Offers a short summary of the professor’s profession, field projects, conducted researches, and publications.

Brophy, Kenneth

Provides description of profession in teaching and specifies researches conducted for Aerial Archaeology.

Bruck, Joanna Mary

Presents the senior lecturer's educational and professional background, researches, publications, and contact details.

Campbell, Ewan

Contains information about the courses taught at the University of Glasgow, details on archaeological researches conducted, and list of publications.

Driscoll, Stephen T.

Specifies research interests, professional practice, research projects, and courses taught in the University of Glasgow.

Finlay, Nyree

Includes areas of research covered by the lecturer in Glasgow University and list of publications released.

Foster, Robert Henry

Contains articles summarizing the personal and professional life history of the writer and archaeologist.

Fox, Cyril

Details achievements and contributions of the previous keeper of Archaeology at the National Museum of Wales.

General Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt Rivers

BBC article discusses life story and contributions of the archaeologist of the nineteenth-century, including his theories and excavations.

Hinton, David

Contains details on the professor’s specialities, researches, fieldworks, and published materials.

Housley, Rupert A.

Specifies the profession, research interests, published materials, and the professor's functions in the Royal Holloway, University of London.

Hugget, Jeremy

Summarises the senior lecturer’s research interests and functions at the University of Glasgow.

Hurst, John

Summarizes the life story of the late archaeologist who played a key role in developing Medieval Archaeology.

Jones, Barri

Presents a summary of the late professor and archaeologist’s personal, educational, and professional life story.

Langlands, Alex

Presents the archaeologist and TV show participant’s background and list of upcoming projects.

Mallowan, Sir Max

Gives an account of the archaeologist and professor’s life. Includes details on his education, contributions to the field and links to photographs.

Mick Aston

Best known as the leading archaeologist on the Channel 4 television series Time Team. Includes details of this archaeologist’s released writings, conducted projects, lectures, and travels.

Peacock, David

Includes a summary of the professor’s research interests, conducted projects, and publication details.

Piggott, Stuart

Accounts the late professor’s life, academics, archaeological achievements and contributions.

Professor Mick Aston

Specifies profession and projects of this University of Bristol professor, who has also worked with the TV series Time Team.

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