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Aidan Campbell

Miniature artist, small scale model-maker and traditional craftsman, accurately re-created historic cloth for museum and educational use, period costumiers, and historical re-enactment. Yarn and cloth spun and woven on a bespoke basis.

Black Letter

Combines the talents of an artist and calligrapher to produce unique, handcrafted pieces of artwork.

Buckles Medieval Art & Craft

Small family concern who produce medieval themed art work for the home and for enhancing a period encampment and replica items in wood, including the base plaques, practice swords and daggers.

Daegrad Tools

Manufacturers of Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Roman and Medieval period reenactment tools and equipment, with online store.


Historic jewellery replicas handmade in the UK for enthusiasts, theatre and film.

The English Cutler

Museum quality knives, weapons, dress accessories, table wear, leather goods and other miscellaneous historical wares.

Foxblade Trading

Manufacturers and suppliers of quality Leatherwork, bespoke shoes, and supplies for re-enactment, museums and TV/film.


Historical reproduction precious metal jewellery with precious and semi precious gemstones. Caters for Roman to late 16th century periods but can also make by items by commission.

Gothic Green Oak

Makes and sells authentic historic games for museums and re-enactment.

Gracie Tyller

Offers a wide range of yarns and fibres for spinning, braiding and weaving. These materials are authentic for a wide range of historic periods, up to twenty-first century.

Grunal Moneta

Produces hammered coins, including historic replicas (from Greek through to the English Civil War), commemorative coins and wedding tokens; with a catalogue and details of their travelling mint available for events.

Grunal Moneta

Produces hammered coins, including historic replicas (from Greek through to the English Civil War), commemorative coins and wedding tokens; with a calalogue and details of their travelling mint available for events.

Hidebound Ltd

Makers of fine leather drinking vessels based upon historical, cover all periods from Viking to Victorian and particularly Civil War and Tudor. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hidebound-Ltd/215353805148683

Kate Tiler

Medieval tile maker.

Lionheart Replicas

A small family business manufacturing replica historical pewter; includes background on their craft, details of their products and demonstrations, and contacts.

Military Metalwork

Specialises in the manufacture of accoutrements, regalia, decorative metalwork, and headdress of the 18th century, Napoleonic and Victorian wars.

Museum Reproductions

Reproduces ancient coins and artefacts for collectors, museums and schools.

Pan's Pantry

Supplier of incense resins, rare apothecaries botanicals and associated equipment.

Past Class

Reproductions of small personal accessories and jewellery from past cultures.

Past Tents

English made reproduction tents for historical re-enactments, theatre, television, film sets, exhibitions and promotions.

Phil Fraser

Manufacturer and supplier of medieval and Tudor equipment, clothing, and accoutrements suitable for re-enactment and living history in the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Phil-Fraser/423543434327569

Roman Glassmakers

Mark Taylor and David Hill research and recreate Roman glass vessels. Includes information on ancient glass making, other periods, projects, film and TV work.

Roman Mosaic Workshop

Runs mosaic workshops for anyone wishing to create their own copy of a Roman mosaic in marble. Also supply the public, reenactors, schools and museums with marble, tools and patterns. A teachers pack for a roman mosaic craft lesson (KS2) and an online course in roman mosaics is also available.

Runesmith Designs

Hand made and cast jewellery in bronze, pewter and silver/gold plate. Bronze torcs, heavy strong penannulars, fibulae and ring brooches, also ironwork from tripods to thrall rings.

Sentimental Journey

Offering materials related to Britain at war, 1914 to 1965, including reproduction documents and papers, uniforms and clothing.

Simply Scissors

Sells Victorian sewing accessories, period scissors, pincushions needlecases, thimble cages, and sewing compendiums.

Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas

Offers historical pewter replicas, covering the medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods.

Steve the Weave

Handweaver who produces mainly tablet woven braids for re-enactment and museums.

The Trade Ten

Make leather tankards, bags and pouches supported by archaeological finds from the Iron Age through to the Tudor periods. Plus additional goods to create a range of historically based products suitable for re-enactors, historians or those looking for an unusual gift.

Trinity Court Potteries

Producers of museum quality replica pottery, from the Iron Age through to the 18th Century.

The Tudor Market

A collection of traders supplying Tudor and Elizabethan wares.

The Unfound Door

Historic style jewellery in gold and silver with precious/semi-precious stones.

Viking Crafts

Produces replicas and copies of historical artefacts and games from the Dark Age and Viking Age.

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