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By Time Period Nineteenth Century

BBC History: Victorians

Provides articles, guides and features looking at Queen Victoria and her prime ministers, the industrial revolution, Victorian politics, daily life and welfare.

British Association for Victorian Studies

Dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge about the Victorian period. Offers details of events, conferences and membership, plus newsletters.

The British Empire

Features articles, biographies and discussion related to the history of the British Empire, with a particular focus on the Victorian period.

British Library: Points of View

Showcases a selection of 19th century photographs on different themes, highlighting the way in which early photographic processes were being used.

Charles Booth's 1889 Descriptive Map of London Poverty

Presents this map of London, colour coded to show the areas of greatest poverty and greatest wealth.

Chartism & The Chartists

Website devoted to Chartism and the Chartists. The People’s Charter was a radical manifesto published in nineteenth century Britain and called for manhood suffrage, secret voting, the discontinuation of property qualifications for MPs, salaries for MPs, equal electoral districts and annual elections.

The Corn Laws

Article by Marjie Bloy, Ph.D. covering the Corn Laws; a significant import duty on wheat and other essential foodstuffs aiming to stabilise the price.

Dictionary of Victorian London

Uses original source material to present a dictionary of life in Victorian London. Collated by historical author Lee Jackson.

Early Photographically Illustrated Books

British Library looks at Victorian Britain as captured in early photographic prints, including works by distinguished pioneers of the medium.

The Great Exhibition, 1851

Features information about the Great Exhibition of 1851, with original source material.

The John Rae Society

Honours the man who discovered the fate of the Franklin Expedition, discovered the final link to the Northwest Passage in Canada, and designed the boat used in exploring great tracts of wilderness in Canada. JohnRaeSociety

The Peel Web

Features extensive articles and information on British social and political history between 1830 and 1850.

Victoria Research Web

Aims to aid teachers and researchers in the scholarly study of nineteenth century Britain. Includes information on archives, libraries, bibliographies and journals.

The Victorian Web

Provides extensive articles and resources on all aspects of nineteenth century British history and literature.

The Whitechapel Society 1888

Promotes the study of the Whitechapel murders and the social impact that they had on the East End of London. Includes details of membership and events, with resources on Jack the Ripper and Victorian/Edwardian London.

The Workhouse

Offers extensive information on the history of workhouses and the poor laws in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Includes personal recollections and photographs.

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