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Roman Britain

Britain Express: Roman Britain

Daily life in Roman Britain, from the Roman invasion to the days of King Arthur.

Celtic Personal Names of Roman Britain (CPNRB)

A database collecting all the personal names from Roman Britain which are thought to contain Celtic elements.

Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland

Online record of all the surviving Romanesque sculpture in Britain and Ireland, surviving at more than 5000 sites.

Nora Chadwick: Celtic Britain

An online edition of a book exploring the history and culture of the Celtic kingdoms during Roman rule, and in the period after their departure.

Pyrrha's Roman Pages

An English Classics teacher shares her enthusiasm for Roman civilisation; includes resources, and information about a number of personal projects, including mosaic making and gardening.

Roman Army in Britain

Features evidence, photographs, maps and a glossary related to the Roman army in Britain, its forts, sites and camps.

Roman Britain

News and features on the history of Roman Britain from The Guardian.

Roman Research Trust (RRT)

A charitable trust which offers financial support to research and education in the field of Romano-British Archaeology; includes details of projects supported and contacts.

Roman Roads in Britain

An overview of Roman roads, why and how they were constructed and a map of Roman Britain.

Roman Roads in Britain by Thomas Codrington

An online edition of a book about the Roman road network, first published in 1903.

Presents a wealth of information about the Roman invasions of Britain, the lives of native Britons and Romano-British geography.


A guide to the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain from the BBC; includes articles, a timeline, and audio visual resources.

Romans in Britain

The history of the Romans in Britain - 100BC to AD450, along with insights into Roman life, the military and how the Romans changed Britain.

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