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Red Clydeside

1915-1920: Red Clydeside and the Shop Stewards' Movement

A libertarian communist account of the workers' movement in Scotland through WW1 and the period following, with its culmination in the occupation of the city by 10,000 troops.

The John Maclean Internet Archive

An archive of the speeches and writings of John Maclean (1879-1923), Glasgow schoolteacher and Marxist educator. Also includes related materials from Willie Gallagher and Scottish folksingers.

The Last Reading of the Riot Act

A BBC Scotland feature marking the 90th anniversary of the reading of the Riot Act on "Bloody Friday" in Glasgow's George Square, January 1919; includes a background to the events leading up to the incident.

Racists, Reds and the Revolt on the Clyde, 1919

The story of a race riot that broke out in Glasgow, during the height of Red Clydeside militancy.

Red Clydeside: A History of the Labour Movement in Glasgow 1910-1932

Part of the Glasgow Digital Library maintained by Strathclyde University. Tells the story of of Red Clydeside and the Scottish Labour movement of the early 20th century, with a time line, articles and biographies, and a virtual museum.

Women on Red Clydeside

Glasgow Caledonian University's resources about the role of women in this period of political radicalism; includes an overview, biographies, a guide to their archive holdings. [PDF].

Working class politics in Scotland

A review of William Knox's history of the Scottish working class, "Industrial Nation"; traces the development of class politics in Scotland up until the First World War.

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