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UK Public Policy Think Tanks

Adam Smith Institute

A libertarian think tank that promotes free markets, limited government, and an open society; includes details of their research and education programmes, publications, and a library of materials on current issues.

Bevan Foundation

A think tank focusing on issues of social justice in Wales; includes a guide to their research, conferences and events, publications, and contacts.

The Bow Group

An influential centre-right think tank, which develops policy, publishes research, and stimulates debate within the Conservative Party. Includes a profile, policy positions, news, events, and contacts.

Centre for Cities

Independent, non partisan research and policy institute committed to improving the economic performance of UK cities. Includes news, blog and extensive data and reports.

Centre for Policy Studies

An independent think-tank which aims to promote coherent and practical public policy proposals based on a set of core principles, including individual choice and responsibility, and the concepts of duty, family, liberty, and the rule of law.

CIVITAS: The Institute for the Study of Civil Society

An independent think tank dedicated to deepening public understanding of the institutions, beliefs and values which are fundamental to a free and democratic society.

Commonwealth Advisory Bureau

Think-tank for the Commonwealth, specialises on issues of Commonwealth policy including globalisation, democracy, civil society and human rights. CABcommonwealth

The David Hume Institute

Sets out to stimulate and influence thinking in key Scottish public policy areas, with a focus on economic issues, including the inter-action between economy and the law. dhimusings


A think tank for everyday democracy focusing on public services, science and technology, cities and public space, arts and culture, identity and global security.

European Services Strategy Unit

Works to support social justice through the provision of good quality public services; includes a guide to their research and analysis programmes and themes, news, and contacts.

Fabian Society

Committed to developing political ideas and public policy from a left-of-centre perspective. Includes details of their research and publications, local branches, sections for young people and women, events, networks, news, and contacts.

Foreign Policy Centre

An independent progressive foreign affairs think tank committed to a fair and rule-based world order. Includes information about their research, publications, and events, with contacts, a blog, and membership details.

Green House Think Tank

Expert and academic group concerned with the future of green politics in the UK.

Henry Jackson Society

Neo-conservative British foreign policy think tank.

IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

An independent institute specialising in research on UK taxation and public policy, and their impact on individuals, families, businesses, and the government's finances. Describes their research and publications, with an events calendar and profile.

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

An independent think tank on the centre-left committed to radical thinking to advance fairness, democracy, and sustainability. Includes a profile and history, events diary, details of publications, and a collection of articles on current affairs.

Institute for Public Policy Research (North)

IPPR’s dedicated thinktank for the North of England, with bases in Newcastle and Manchester; includes details of their research and policy work in regional economics, localism and community policy, with events, reports and publications, and news. ipprnorth

IWA - Institute of Welsh Affairs

An independent think tank promoting the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales; includes information about their publications, events, and research projects.

Local Government Information Unit (LGiU)

A think tank and membership organisation committed to strengthening local democracy; includes details of membership, policy briefings, events and contacts. LGiU

New Economics Foundation

Independent think tank which aims to promote sustainable well-being, and to challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues. Includes a list of publications, information about their programme areas, events diary, and contacts.

New Local Government Network

An independent think tank committed to promoting the decentralisation of power and public service reform, to enhancing local governance. Provides information about their research, publications, events, networks, and media resources.

Phoenix Think Tank

Operates as an independent think tank on current UK Naval and maritime matters. phoenixthinking

Policy Exchange

A right-of-centre think tank particularly interested in free market and localist solutions to public policy questions. Provides a guide to their research and publications, corporate engagement programme, news, publications, and contacts.


London-based left-of-centre think tank that focuses on counter-extremism, specifically against Islamism.


An independent think tank, primarily concerned with liberalising public services (such as health and education) to break monopolies and extend choice. Includes details of their research, media resources, events, and membership.

Resolution Foundation

An independent research and policy organisation focusing on outcomes for low and modest earners; provides details of their projects and publications, reports, events, and case studies.

SMF (Social Market Foundation)

A think tank developing ideas across a range of economic and social policy, based on social justice married with a pro-market approach. Includes details of research and publications, annual reports, news, and details of jobs and internships.

Who Funds You?

Rates 20 leading UK think tanks on their transparency and openness. whofundsyou

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