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A Selected Classified Bibliography of the Scots Language

Contains classified links to works of importance for those studying the Scots language.

Dictionary of the Scots Language

Electronic editions of two major dictionaries of the Scots language: the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) covering words in use from the 12th to the 17th centuries, and the Scottish National Dictionary (SND) covering words in use from 1700 to the 1970s.

Scotland's National Centre for Languages

Promotes and supports the delivery of high quality language learning within a climate which celebrates all languages.

Scots Language Centre

Describes the Scots language and its dialects; also includes articles on education, resources, events, and news.

Scots Language Society

Formed to preserve the Scots language in the arts and every day use, as one of the three languages of the country (along with Gaelic and English). Includes samples of writings, membership, and subscription to their magazines, Lallans.

Scots Wikip├Ždia

Online encyclopaedia in Lowland Scots.

Scottish Language Dictionaries

A research organisation for the Scots Language, responsible for the major dictionaries. Offers information about their projects and publications.

The Scottish Text Society

Publishes Scots language poetry, drama, and prose, from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Includes information about their titles, reprints, and structure.

Scuil Wab

Resources for school pupils for learning Scots; includes exercises and games.

The Shetland Dictionary Project

A dictionary of vocabulary specific to the Shetlands, with translations to English.

Shetland Forwirds

Shetland Forwirds A group dedicated to promoting and celebrating the dialect of Shetland, unique in the strength of its Nordic roots; includes a guide to Shetland literature and oral traditions, resources, a dictionary, events, and contacts.

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