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Society Paranormal

Afterlife Research Centre

A forum for ethnographic and anthropological research into the afterlife, mediumship, paranormal and religious experience.

Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena

Contains galleries of photograhs and EVP, information about and advice on paranormal investigation equipment, case reports, research news, glossary and extensive articles.

British Paranormal

Has information and resources about extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects in various regions in the UK. Includes news, videos and message boards.

Campaign for Philosophical Freedom

Alleges that secular, scientific proof of survival after death has been repressed; includes correspondence, articles and opinion.

Crowded Skies

Presents information and resources about extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects. Includes news, videos, downloads, and message boards.

David Icke

Official site of this well known former sports presenter, now an author and speaker on global conspiracies, reptilian bloodlines and other dimensions.

Haunted Rooms

Directory of haunted accommodation throughout the UK and Ireland. HauntedRooms

Madeline Richardson

Showcases the work of this paranormal writer and researcher; she is the younger sister of Jacky Newcomb and collaborates on some projects with Jacky.

Montague Keen Foundation

Foundation which aims to further research into the afterlife, and through which the deceased Montague Keen channels messages.


Offering paranormal articles, news and discussion forums.

Mysterious Britain

Features a gazetteer and articles on legends, myths, hauntings, UFOs and folklore within the UK.

The National Archives UFO Files -

Contains a wide range of UFO-related documents, as they are released by the government.

Nick Pope

Author and journalist who used to run the British government's UFO programme; includes sections on conspiracy theories, the paranormal and remote viewing. nickpopemod


Conducts studies, research, survey, reviews, and investigation of all types of paranormal phenomena.

Paraforce UK

An event aimed at bringing together the British paranormal and spiritual community.

Paranormal and Spiritual Forum -

Offering forums on the paranormal, psychic development and the unexplained.

The Paranormal Community

An online discussion forum about ghosts and the paranormal with readers stories and details of investigations.

Paranormal Connections -

A free social network community for those interested in the supernatural, the paranormal or any type of unusual phenomena.

The Paranormal Database

Catalogues paranormal sightings and incidences from across the British Isles. Includes themed lists of sightings, news, articles, paranormal calendar of recurring sightings and downloadable diary.

Paranormal Gateway

Forum and discussion area providing chat on paranormal subjects. -

Information about haunted castles and hotels, sightings, and paranormal investigations in the UK. Paranormal Britain ParanormalPB

The Phantom Foxes

Paranormal discussion website, with a variety of discussion boards.

Psychic Family

Community with discussion forums covering the paranormal, psychic matters, divination and spirituality.

Remote Viewed

Features background information about remote viewing, with downloadable training manuals and information on successes. remoteviewed

Spooky Stuff

Features articles on the paranormal, myths, hoaxes and UFOs.

UFO Sighting Reports - United Kingdom

Listings of UFO sightings in the UK.

Unknown Phenomena Investigation Association (UPIA)

UK based organisation dedicated to paranormal research. Claims to operate as a neutral entity that advocates scientific means for exploring the UFO mystery.

Weird Island

Presenting a variety of articles about paranormal and strange events, places and people in the UK.

World of Ghosts

Features a discussion forum covering a variety of paranormal topics.

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