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Kendo and Iaido Clubs and Schools

Chidokan Dojo

Shows information about club background, bulletin board, practice time, and information about sword and other equipments.

Doshinkenyukai Kendo

Provides classes at a number of venues in Yorkshire and Lancashire; includes a schedule, contacts, and an introduction to the disciplines taught.

Edinburgh Kendo Club

Shows information about Kendo classes for all ages, membership details and links to affiliated Scottish clubs.

Hizen Kendo Club

Introduces the London club with articles, members, location and gallery.

Kashiwa Dojo

Shows information about Iaido, Jodo and Kendo training.

Kenseikai - Dojo

Provides detailed listings about basic terms, teacher profiles, course overview and Dojo list.

Kodokan Kendo Club

Located in Rickmansworth and home to the Kodokan International Kendo Seminar. With details of sensei and induction courses.

Masamune Dojo

Provides a history of the Birmingham dojo, background information, lineage, arts, events and gallery.

Mumeishi Kendo Club

Provides details of the coach, beginners courses, practice schedule, training photo gallery and related links.

Nenriki Kendo Club

Shows information about overview of Kendo history and philosophy, information on basic cutting techniques and equipment details.

Oxford University Kendo Club -

Provides detailed listings about teaching techniques, details on the required equipment and schedule of practice. OxfordKendo

Sheffield Iaido Dojo

Offers a guide to the styles they practice, class schedules, events, a FAQ for beginners, and contacts.

Shin Bu Kan Dojo -

Provides detailed listings about history, details about the sword, calendar of events, images and related news.

Shin Bu Kan Dojo at Rochester

Has news, photographs, training times and contacts.

Shin Bu Kan Guildford

Has a description of this skill, equipment used, practice times and photo gallery.

Shudokan Kendo Dojo -

A Cheltenham club offering classes in Kendo; includes their schedule, details of membership, and advice for beginners.

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