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How it works

  • What is the editorial review process?

    All Premium Content submissions go through the same rigorous and time-tested editorial review process that BOTW directory listings undergo. All content submissions will be reviewed by a human editor for quality and relevance ensuring that only high-quality, relevant content is displayed.

  • What types of content can I submit?

    All kinds of content! Many marketers have found the service useful to submit additional important pages from their websites, blog posts, white papers, info graphics, video content, podcasts – pretty much any premium content that you are trying to highlight.

  • Who can benefit from the BOTW ProListing?

    Virtually anyone who is responsible for content publishing can benefit! Content marketers, website owners, small business owners, enterprise businesses and online marketing agencies.

  • Can I submit content from different domains?

    No – All Premium Content submissions must reside on the original domain of your existing BOTW Directory listing.

  • Where will my ProListing appear?

    ProListings appear in directory categories alongside standard listings. This allows sites to maintain proper categorization, but also gives webmasters the option to add sublistings highlighting important site content.

  • What happens if my content is rejected?

    As with directory submissions, all ProListings are reviewed by a human editor and held to the same high editorial standards. If content is rejected for any reason, webmasters can submit alternate content for review as a part of the ongoing service.

What clients say

"BOTW ProListings help us to gain exposure and eyeballs for our newest and best content. They are easy to use and make sense financially."

- Michael Strugen, PlyNews

" If you are looking for the extra kick for your website, give ProListings a try. We use them for our highest priced products, and are very satisfied - great results. "

- Danika Williams, iPublish