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Iberian Park, Drury Lane
St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN38 9XP

About Medicspot

Medicspot is also a provider of same-day and next-day private GP appointments, available through a network of pharmacy consulting rooms across the UK, or anywhere via patient smartphone.

Medicspot provides private Covid-19 Tests for travel, including Fit to Fly Certificates, Antigen Tests, Day 2 Tests, Day 8 Tests, Test to Release, PCR Tests, and Covid Recovery Certificates.

The company also designs, manufactures and distributes technology for remote examinations and consultations.

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  • Medical Group
  • Private Covid Tests
  • Remote Examination Technology

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140 N/A 2021


  • English

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Medicspot Reviews
  • Maria Spencer
    Maria Spencer

    Fiona was very nice, walked me through the process easily, and got my results to me very fast. Highly recommend

  • Chris Farmer
    Chris Farmer

    The actual kit registration process was a little ambiguous in parts but in the end it all went smoothly.
    The actual monitored zoom by Fiona was excellent and the instructions were very clear. Thank you!

  • Nora Klages-Miller
    Nora Klages-Miller

    Fiona was super helpful and explained the process very well. It was super easy and didnt take long at all to get the certificate.

  • Paul Liffen
    Paul Liffen

    Paul Liffen opted not to leave a text review of Medicspot

  • Richard Dennison
    Richard Dennison

    Great service today with Fiona this morning. Everything went like clockwork. Fiona was super friendly and clear we made the whole process simple and stress free.

  • Sheila

    Purchased 2 x Day 2 Lateral Flow tests from Medicspot during their 'Black Friday sale' - in hindsight that should have alerted me.
    However they took the money promptly and we received the tests a couple of days later 2 hours before the Covid rules changed on Sat 27th November.
    Unfortunately the rule changes meant that we could not travel and we had to cancel our trip.
    I contacted Medicspot re a refund and they advised that they could be returned stating: -
    'We can accept returned test kits provided they are sealed and have not been registered.
    Please include a cover letter stating the reason for return and also your order number'
    I did not register anything and the unopened tests were returned first working day.
    However I received a reply advising that I could not get a refund. Among the many nonsensical responses I've had one was -
    'we cannot process a refund for you for these kits as we cannot simply give away entry to the UK for free ' - who do they think they are , Border Control ? ?- They are a unit in an industrial estate for heavens sake !
    - why they can't just cancel the so called 'registration ' number and make it invalid I don't know.
    Apparently, upon the purchase of the tests they are registered. so thats that . As far as they are concerned ,you have no comeback and they won't just cancel the registration.
    Do not use, its an absolute scam . Great when taking your money but that's it .
    They are now ignoring my messages and therefore they have both the returned tests and my money .
    Disgusting that companies like this can set up and take advantage of the current situation by basically ripping people off and doing and charging whatever they like . It's stressful enough having to cancel our trip without all this .
    Beware and do not use .

    *UPDATE *
    - I finally received confirmation that they have refunded the full
    amount. Just as well because I wasn't going anywhere . Just keep at them. They are making a fortune from the situation.

    amount .
    The monies have now been received.
    Just as well, as I wasn't going anywhere .

  • Naomi Szeto
    Naomi Szeto

    Naomi Szeto opted not to leave a text review of Medicspot

  • ICA D
    ICA D

    Thanks Paula! Was great.

  • Marc


    Let me just start by saying that I believe this company is a huge SCAM and I suspect a lot of their good reviews are paid for. if you do not believe me, read through all their 1 star trust pilot reviews about their fit to fly tests. I would give them 0 stars if I could. Heres my experience with them:

    In order to be within the 72hour time frame before my flight (Tuesday afternoon) I did the swab on Saturday and sent it out right away following the medicspot instructions using a sat&sun Royal Mail priority postbox. On monday night, I had not recieved an email to say they recieved my test. I tried to use the live chat to enquire but it ended with what I believe to be medicspot avoiding any responsibility by telling me they're not responsible for any delays from Royal Mail. it cannot be Royal mails fault every time can it? And even if it was, medicspot arranges the postage so they should also hold some responsibility to make sure everything happens on time, especially when you consider that these are FIT TO FLY tests where people will need their results asap otherwise they will miss flights. Surely after all these negative reviews, medicspot would try to get to the root of the problem, however I suspect they are happier to just shift the blame whilst they take everyones money, and trick people by buying reviews.

    customer service was completely unhelpful, all they did was tell me to watch for an email in case they receive it. I told them my flight was tomorrow afternoon and they did not offer up any solutions to rectify my problem. Now, after bnringing this up to them and writing a bad review on trust pilot, they got in touch with me to say they will investgate. This is what they say to everyone, but all they do is come back to tell I you they won't refund you even though they hve failed to provide the service they promised. They keep coming back with the same ' we will not refund you, but you can make a complaint on our site if you would like'. avoid medicspot like the plague as I believe they're just a bunch of scammers.So please be smart and take all the one star reviews into consideration before using their service for fit to fly. From the reviews, and my experience, there's a high chance you won't get your results on time. Biggest waste of £80 because I have now had to pay for a rapid pcr test at the airport instead. Imagine if I relied on their service and was turned away from my flight (plane ticket costs more than 2000 pounds) because they did not deliver. All their negative reviews are about the fit to fly tests, yet Medicspot is happy to keep on "providing" this service even though they know most of their customers get conned out of their money.

    It is now wednesday, still no email to say they've received my pcr test. I would definitely AVOID medicspot. Luckily I booked an emergency test on monday night as I knew that Medicspot would screw me over. collinson drive through testing instead, cheaper (£66) and it only took 3 hours to get results. Worth the drive.

    Update: I got in touch with their customer service live chat and I was finally connected to a member of their team that was actually useful for once. Zack helped me out as best as he could and I think that man deserves a raise.

  • Mark Farley
    Mark Farley

    Fiona did a fantastic job.
    Friendly, clear, and thorough.
    Pleasurable experience!

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