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People Inventors Sir James Dewar

Chemist and physicist born in Kincardine, Scotland in 1842 and inventor of the thermos flask. James Starley

Sussex born inventor and manufacturer of the bicycle and known for his improvements to the sewing machine.

Baird Television

Scotsman and inventor of the television. Read the story of his 1926 demonstration and his life from 1888 to 1946.

BBC Historic Figures: Edmund Cartwright (1743-1823)

Nottinghamshire born and Oxford University educated inventor of the power loom for the textile industry.

BBC Historic Figures: Frank Whittle

Royal Air Force officer born in 1907 who made a major contribution to the invention of the jet engine.

BBC Historic Figures: Jethro Tull

Inventor of the seed drill used for distributing seed into furrows.

British Inventions A-Z

A comprehensive list of British inventors and their inventions from the anemometer weather instrument of Robert Hooke to the World Wide Web by HTML creator Tim Berners-Lee.

Charles Macintosh

Tells the fascinating story of the Glasgow born inventor of the waterproof coat later known as the Macintosh or Mac for short.

Frank Pantridge, the 'Father of Emergency Medicine'

Cardiologist who invented the portable defibrillator.

Historic Figures: Michael Faraday

A BBC site highlighting the life and times of the south London born inventor of the electric motor.

History of Firearms: James Puckle

1718 London inventor of the tripod-mounted, single-barreled flintlock Puckle gun.

History of the Fax Machine & Alexander Bain page highlighting the life of the Scottish born inventor of the fax machine.

Inventor of the Week: Arthur Wynne

Invented the crossword in 1913. An immigrant from England who first had his puzzle published in the New York World.

Kelvin, Lord William Thomson (1824-1907)

Scottish mathematician and physicist and inventor of the The Kelvin Scale that measures the ultimate extremes of hot and cold.

Newlands' Periodic Table

English scientist that invented the periodic table that arranges chemical elements in order of their relative atomic masses.

Richard Trevithick 1771 - 1833

Son of a Cornish miner and inventor of the worlds first locomotive in 1804, running a decade before George Stephenson's.

Sir Alexander Fleming

The biography of the Scottish Nobel Prize winner and inventor of Penicillin.

Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt, FRS (1892-1973)

Brief history of Robert Alexander Watson-Watt, inventor of the range and direction finder later known as RADAR.

The Sunday Times: Sir James Dyson

Tells the story of this British inventor of products such as the contra-rotator washing machine and the dual cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner.

Tim Berners-Lee

Oxford University graduate and inventor of HTML, HTTP and ultimately the World Wide Web.

Trivia Library: Thomas Hancock

A brief description of the London born inventor of the rubber band in 1820.

William Sturgeon

An page highlighting the invention of the electromagnet in 1825 by this British electrician.

WorldLing: Edwin Beard Budding

Inventor from Stroud, Gloucestershire that invented the lawnmower in 1830 and also the adjustable spanner.

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