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Best of the Web is the oldest, editor curated web directory online. Whether you’re looking for a plumber, a lawyer that specializes in a specific legal field, or need someone to design your website, Best of the Web has you covered Research and review our verified listings by category to help you choose the business right for you.

  • Arts

    Arts and entertainment make life beautiful. From music, dance, TV, theatre and radio to crafts, literature, fashion design and magic, you'll find something to make your heart sing here.

  • Business

    Britain is a nation of entrepreneurs, from the creative and scientific industries to retail, finance, tech startups and innovators. Here you'll find the best business listings in the UK, whether you're looking for B2B services, specialist shops or come to you tradespeople.

  • Computers

    Discover the best UK computer, data and programming websites and experts. IT consultants are listed here, as are software and hardware companies, app and web designers, and artificial intelligence specialists.

  • Education

    Looking for teaching resources or checking out college and uni choices? Get everything you need, whether you're an educator, a parent or a student.

  • Games

    Understand Games better through helpful website listings. Conveniently organized. Your center for global and cultural exchange, Best of The Web brings together news, photography, blogs, travel information and more websites from every region of the earth.

  • Health

    Find the latest NHS news and websites here, together with listings of clinics, consultants and medical experts. You'll also find alternative and complementary therapists here, as well as mental health specialists and health forums or advice sites.

  • Home

    Doing some DIY or looking to move home? This category is full of home related advice and services, including home improvement ideas, self-build plans, family websites and advice on sustainable living.

  • Kids and Teens
    Kids and Teens

    Keep the kids busy with this directory of UK based websites for children and young teens. This category covers everything from school to hobbies, health and family, all from a young person's perspective.

  • News

    Stay up to date with the latest developments from around the UK and beyond. This category lists news and newspaper websites, journalists and news discussion forums. You'll also find media industry websites here.

  • Recreation

    The best British recreation websites are listed here, from outdoor pursuits like walking, camping, boating and fishing to hobbies such as antiques, birdwatching or model making. Travel websites are listed here too, including travel guides, specialist holidays and ideas for days out.

  • Reference

    Find out about the UK's best museums, archives and libraries here. This category covers all kinds of places and websites which will help you find the information you need, including online directories, encyclopaedias and almanacs.

  • Science

    Discover why the UK has such a worldwide reputation for scientific excellence by exploring this category. From medical research to green energy, the environment, natural sciences, archaeology and the social sciences, this category lists science companies and forums for the latest scientific discussion.

  • Shopping

    As a nation, we love to shop! Online retailers of all kinds are listed here, from major retail chains to tiny independent shops - whatever you're looking to buy, check here first.

  • Society

    Uncover the fabric of British society with these curated websites on history, religion, politics, government, crime, disablity and the paranormal. You'll also find campaign websites and diverse views on a wide variety of controversial social issues here.

  • Sports

    Football, cricket, rugby, tennis - we do love our sports. Whether you're an avid fan checking out your team or a player yourself, you'll find websites here for every sport from archery to wrestling and beyond.

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