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Bede Film Society

Society at Durham University showing the latest box office releases on their state of the art digital cinema projector.

Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution Research Centre

Draws together a critical mass of leading researchers and integrates a diverse set of methodological expertise and disciplinary perspectives to enhance research and collaboration at the cutting edge of behaviour, ecology and evolution.

Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

CfAI develops state-of-the-art instruments for application across a wide range of disciplines including astronomical instrumentation, biophysics, remote sensing and fusion diagnostics.

Centre for Catholic Studies

Represents a creative partnership between academy and church: a centre within the pluralist, public academy for critically constructive Catholic studies.

Centre for Communication Systems

Established in 1988 as an interdisciplinary centre involving academic staff from the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences and the Department of Mathematics.

Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

Founded in 1999 CCCS is a multi-disciplinary research centre dedicated to the study of contemporary China and the wider East Asian region, specialising particularly in the fields of business, education, law, modern languages and culture, geography, government and international politics and political economy.

Centre for Death and Life Studies

Exists to foster and conduct research into life-values, beliefs, and practices that relate to living and dying.

Centre for Economic Growth and Policy (CEGAP)

Focus is on economic growth and ways to explain and understand it more clearly.

Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences

Supports excellence in academic research, innovative teaching and public dialogue on the ethical, social and regulatory issues raised by the life sciences.

Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring [CEM]

Educational research unit providing confidential indicator systems to schools and colleges. With details of services at various educational levels, research for other organisations, and conferences.

Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy (CEA)

The Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy’s core mission is to extend society’s knowledge and understanding of the Universe.

Centre for Health and Inequalities Research (CHIR)

An internationally leading, interdisciplinary centre for the study of health, socioeconomic, spatial, gender and other inequalities.

Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society (CHESS)

Special areas of focus are climate science, economic modelling, evidence-based social and economic policy, public health, biomedical science (especially genetics and stem-cell research) and general issues about the role of values in science.

Centre for Humanities Innovation (CHI)

Fosters intellectual creativity in scholarship and to encourage the creation of new ideas, concepts, terms, paradigms, mental schemes, and other products of intellectual imagination.

Centre for Institutions and Political Behaviour

Brings together scholars who share an interest in advancing our understanding of state and non-state organizations and political actors through systematic empirical research.

Centre for Integrated Health Care Research

Provides an academic interface for health care professionals. A primary focus of their work is clinical research, including ongoing studies in gastroenterology, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and with an emphasis on the management of patients across the primary/secondary care interface.

Centre for Intercultural Mediation

Supports, encourages, and promotes Durham's multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to understanding the intricate complexity of mediating human thoughts and behaviours across linguistic, political, cognitive, and cultural boundaries.

Centre for Materials Physics

Research spans a wide range of subjects from light emitting polymers and solar cell materials to nanoscale magnetics.

Centre for Medical Humanities

Explores the entanglement of science with humanities and social science, situating the social, cultural and political problematics of health within a long cultural perspective.

Centre for Methodological Research in the Social Sciences

Their mission is to conduct research and scholarship on the development, implementation, and public role of social research methods.

Centre for Modern Conflicts and Cultures

Brings together expertise from researchers across Durham University in order to investigate how intellectuals, writers, and artists have engaged with or participated in the major geopolitical and ideological conflicts of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Centre for Molecular and Nanoscale Electronics

Consolidates and promotes relevant activities across a number of academic departments within the University, in particular Chemistry, Physics and the School of Engineering.

Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies

A locus for research in all aspects of the long nineteenth century (from 1760s to present-day neo Victorianism), drawing from the widest possible range of disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches.

Centre for Poetry and Poetics

Promotes the reading, writing and editing of poetry from classical antiquity to the present, as well as the critical exploration of current issues and ideas in literary theory.

Centre for Social Justice and Community Action

A research centre at Durham University, made up of academic researchers from a number of departments and disciplines and community partners.

Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes

Founded in 2009 to address the need to integrate a resource-sustainable ethos into chemical research and development – both at the academic and industrial levels.

Centre for the Coevolution of Biology and Culture

The centre serves as a focal point for cultural evolution and gene-culture coevolution research at Durham University.

Centre for the Ethics of Cultural Heritage

Focuses upon the ethical debates surrounding cultural heritage.

Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease

Provides a focus for interdisciplinary research and postgraduate education in the history of medicine, health, disease, and medical ethics.

Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East

Promotes the study of cultural encounters and exchanges in the ancient world, from India in the East to the Iberian Peninsula in the West; and to foster diverse approaches to, and perspectives on, this area.

Centre for Vision and Visual Cognition

Encourages high quality research and scholarly activity in the area of human vision and visual cognition by means of regular seminars, lectures and lecture series.

Centre for Visual Arts and Culture

Brings together scholars from across and beyond Durham University in order to provide a dynamic setting for wide-ranging interdisciplinary research and debates about visual culture, a field that entails the study of vision and perception, the analysis of the social significance of images and ways of seeing, and the attentive interpretation of a range of visual objects, from artworks to scientific images.

The CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology

Aim is to research and to transform the theological conversation concerning digital culture.

Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies

brings together academics with research interests in the photographic image at the University of Durham.

Durham Centre for Bioimaging Technology

Aims to become an International Centre of Excellence, whose strength and distinctiveness lies in drawing together technological developments such as instrumentation, chemical probes and visualisation; demonstrating the strength of applying these to real biological challenges.

Durham Centre for Classical Reception

The Centre aims to promote the study of the diverse reception of the classical world, or how Greco-Roman antiquity has continued to remain a significant point of reference and departure throughout the centuries, in virtually every cultural sphere, including art and architecture, language and literature, and politics and thought.

Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology

A multidisciplinary research focus that integrates state of the art knowhow in plant-genetics, cell biology and biochemistry with expertise in chemistry, physics and mathematics to develop technologies for crop improvement and protection.

Durham Centre for Soft Matter

Brings together internationally recognised expertise from the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering with the aim of providing a focal point for soft matter and polymer research at Durham University.

Durham European Law Institute

Acts as a forum for the discussion of European law issues and a channel through which Durham scholars can keep the wider academic and professional communities up to date with the most recent legal developments in the EU.

Durham Geochemistry Centre

Carries out multi-disciplinary research in earth, environmental, physical, biological, medical and archaeological sciences using an established base of world class equipment and laboratories, and expertise in the technical and applied aspects of their use.

Durham Students' Union

Displays sections on democracy, education, welfare, events, job opportunities and the DSU handbook.

Durham Union Society

Provides history of this debating student society along with membership information and contact details.

Durham University

Collegiate university based in in the city of Durham and at the Queen's Campus in Stockton. Provides information on the university, courses, departments, colleges and research.

Durham University Canoe Club

Describes the club and their activities including pool sessions, trips and social.

Durham University Neuroimaging Centre (DUNIC)

Has the primary role of encouraging and facilitating research using the University's Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility.

Durham University Society of Change Ringers

A friendly group from all backgrounds, from complete learners to seasoned ringers.

Durham University Sport

The home of sport at Durham University with strategy centred on the three core strands of performance, participation and community outreach. Provides information on university and college sport, and fitness support.

Durham University Swimming Club

Training updates, social news and BUCS information and results.

Durham University: Queen's

A modern campus located in Stockton-on-Tees, and home to around 2,000 students and to two of Durham's colleges. Provides a contemporary range of courses, distinctive from those on offer in Durham City.

Global Policy Institute

Conducts multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research focused on the scholarship, politics, and policy of pressing global collective action problems.

Human Rights Centre

Established in 2001 in recognition of the significant strength and depth of human rights scholarship, consultancy and activities in Durham Law School.

IBRU: Centre for Borders Research

Through research, consultancy and training, IBRU seeks to facilitate enhanced understanding of border areas, contribute to the peaceful resolution of boundary disputes, and engage with broader geographic questions concerning the changing nature of sovereignty, territory, citizenship, and the political organisation of space.

The Institute for Local Governance

A pioneering research and knowledge exchange venture designed to maximise the benefits of collaboration between universities in North East England and the wider public realm. The ILG is hosted by Durham University in its Business School.

Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law

Acts as a centre for research on current issues relating to all fields of commercial and corporate law.

International Centre for Leadership and Followership

Aims to build knowledge in the area of leadership and followership and promote this to practitioners.

Parent-Infant Sleep Lab

Research lab at Durham University, designed to study various aspects of infant and child sleep and parenting behaviour.

Revd Professor David Wilkinson

Profile of the Principal of St John’s College, Durham University and Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion.


University approved research centre which operates across various areas of science which are reliant on X-ray techniques.

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