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Biogeochemistry and Environmental Analytical Chemistry (BEACh)

Conducts research on biogeochemical processes in environmental systems using interdisciplinary approaches underpinned by novel analytical techniques.

Biomedical Research Group

Research is aimed at understanding the molecular and cellular processes underlying human health and disease with a key aim to translate this research into diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Centre for Advanced Engineering Systems and Interactions

Brings together a group of internationally recognised research staff from civil, mechanical and marine engineering in the University.

Centre for Coastal and Ocean Science and Engineering (CCOSE)

Their mission is to understand and predict the functioning of coastal and ocean systems in support of appropriate management of resources and activities.

Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS)

A collaborative platform for staff ranging from senior scientists, with a track record of world leading research, to Early Career Researchers with excellent research potentials.

Centre for Research in Earth Sciences (CRES)

Brings together a research team that spans the spectrum of Earth science disciplines. EarthSciPlymUni

Centre for Research in Environment and Society (CeRES)

Focus on three linked fundamental elements, environment-society interactions; environmental processes and change and governance through regulation, management policies and stakeholder involvement.

Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS)

The centre builds on the world-leading and international excellence performance in the field of computer science, cognitive robotics and neural computation.

Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research

An established research group, comprising staff from the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at the University of Plymouth.

Cognition Institute

An innovative interdisciplinary research environment which brings together researchers working on the understanding of human cognition, together with the application of findings to the development of innovations which improve people's lives, interactions with one another, and with the world.

Department of International Shipping, Logistics and Operations

Plymouth Business School’s Department of International Shipping, Logistics and Operations delivers teaching across a number of programmes, including Maritime Business and Maritime Law, International Supply Chain and Shipping Management and International Shipping amongst many others.

English Language Centre

Courses to help develop academic English skills.

Expanded Narrative Research Network

The network is concerned with exploring the multidisciplinary field of narrative practices that reconfigure the form and expand the experience of storytelling.

i-DAT (Institute of Digital Art & Technology)

A lab for playful experimentation with creative technologies and has been delivering world-class research and cultural activities since 1998.

Land/Water and the Visual Arts

As a research group it operates as a forum for interrogation of nature and culture, aesthetics and representation.

Marine and Coastal Policy Research Unit (MarCoPol)

Provides a sound scientific, social, legal and economic basis for improved policy and management for the sustainable use and protection of the marine and coastal environment.

Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre

Address a broad range of research questions, from the effects of environmental stress on microbes and developing embryos to the management of large scale impacts, such as global climate change.

Methodological Innovations (MI) Research Group

Focused on supporting and improving the understanding and application of contemporary approaches to the research of the social world.

Moving Image Arts (MIA) Research

A transdisciplinary research hub focused on practice-based enquiry into moving image arts.

Planetary Collegium

Within a transcultural, transdisciplinary perspective, the Planetary Collegium is concerned with the advancement of emergent forms of art and architecture, in the context of telematic, interactive and technoetic media, and their integration with science, technology, and consciousness research.


A research project within ARC (Artistic Research Collective) at Plymouth University.

Research in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Law

Research within the School integrates the disciplines of criminology and law, with a broad focus on furthering reform, informing policy and engaging with legal, criminological and criminal justice issues.

Research with Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Supports the work of over fifty academics across the disciplines of English, creative writing, history, art history, theatre, dance, performing arts and music.

Transtechnology Research

A transdisciplinary research group situated in the Faculty of Arts.

University of Plymouth

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