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School History

An Island Story - H E Marshall

Contains the entire digitalised text of this iconic book by HE Marshall, which tells the story of England's history from the pre-Roman era to the first world war. First published in 1905.

Ancient China

Features activities and resources for children learning about Ancient China.

Ancient Greece

The British Museum's interactive resource covering the history and culture of ancient Greece; includes articles, timelines, and activities.

BBC Bitesize - Prehistoric

Go back in time and find out what Britain was like during the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

BBC: History for Kids

An animated site for kids that teaches ancient and world history as well as highlighting the fruitful past of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Berkshire History for Kids

Features extensive information about the history of the castles and mansions of Berkshire plus details of legends, ghosts and figures from the history of the county.

Britain's Heritage and History

Provides biographies of some famous Britons, plus information on Britain's castles, myths and legends, historic places and battles.

The Cabinet Papers

National Archives site presenting a wealth of educational resources for A level students using cabinet papers from 1915 to 1980.

Castles for Kids

Gives young children simple information about castles and it might have been like to live in one.

Early British Kingdoms: Britons, Saxons, Scots and Picts

Presents lots of information about the dark ages, King Arthur, Saxon kings and kingdoms, religion, art and the Sutton Hoo burial.

Enchanted Palace

Game in which young children recreate Kensington Palace through the ages.

GCSE Modern World History

Presents extensive revision help, resources and self tests for students studying GCSE Modern World History.

Geffrye Museum London: Kids Zone

Gives children the chance to design a garden or room according to different historical periods, as well as offering games using artefacts from the museum.

The Holocaust Explained

Extensive resource for secondary aged children covering the holocaust; includes a teacher's guide.

Horrible Histories

Features a virtual world based on the popular Horrible Histories books.

Look and Learn

A children's magazine that looks back in time at children's newspapers, comics, comic book characters and historical articles.

Mr Allsop History

Offers a variety of learning and revision resources for secondary aged children studying modern world history.

National Archives Activities and Games

Presents a range of historical online games for children.

National Archives Snapshots: Slavery -

Presents original documents and photographs from the national archives on the theme of slavery, and provides educational tasks and questions, with teachers' notes.

National Archives: The Great War

Presents information about Britain's role in world war one, with worksheets and research tasks for children to undertake.

National Archives: World War II

Extensive resource for older children learning about World War II. Includes maps and many downloadable investigation projects.

National Army Museum: Schools

An educational interactive site for children to learn about army life, Victorian soldiers and World War events and activities.

New Perspectives: The Home Rule Crisis

Contains interactive material for secondary aged children to learn about home rule for Northern Ireland between 1911 and 1914.

The Parthenon Marbles

Offers an introduction for children to the issues surrounding the Parthenon/Elgin Marbles. Examines the arguments on both sides and concludes that the Marbles should be returned to Greece.

Royal Berkshire History for Kids

Tells the history of Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I with details of battles, taxes and their untimely deaths.

School History

Historical learning and teaching resources, with online lessons, revision help, and interactive tours, quizzes and games.

Scotland's History

Educational site focusing on Scotland's varied history, from prehistory to modern times.

Show Me

Shows scary, cool and wild stuff from UK museums and galleries. Includes games, where to go, hot topics and news.

Slave Stories

An interactive journey through the stories of four slaves, examining the history of slavery.

Spirit of the Miners

Tells the story of the mining of copper, silver, lead and zinc in the mid Wales mountains, from the bronze age forwards.

The Union of the Crowns

Tells the story of the Scottish King James VI's accession as James I of England in 1603, following the death of Elizabeth I, and explains the establishment of Great Britain.

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