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The Antonine Guard

Official site of the Antonine Guard re-enactment society. Contains member section, background information, activities, photos, and membership. AntonineGuard


Portraying Romano-Britons at the end of the Roman occupation of Britain. Includes details of the society's gladiators, articles and extensive photo galleries.


Roman re-enactment group staging events across the North and Midlands. Provides event listings, photographs, research information and membership details.

The Ermine Street Guard Roman Reenactment Society

Dedicated to research into the Roman Army and the reconstruction of Roman armour and equipment.

Legio II Augusta

Featuring the re-enactments of the Roman Britain military and civilian life during the First and Second Centuries.

Legio VIII Augusta MGV

Roman military and civilian living history society with members across the UK as well as in Italy and France. Contains events calendar plus the history of the real Eighth Legion.

Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix: Roman Military Research Society

Home page contains information on events, civilian and military living history, featured articles, and membership.

Ludus Gladiatorius Living History Society

Displays gallery, events, film and television section, research, study and links.

Roman Tours Ltd

Presenting the life of a Roman soldier in Britain, through informative, educational and interactive experiences for all ages. RomanTours

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