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Museums of the Roman Period in the UK

Aldborough Roman Site and Museum

English Heritage's guide to a site in Yorkshire, once the capital of the Romanised Brigantes, with mosaic pavements in their original positions and a museum with a collection of Roman finds.

Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum

A visitor's guide to the frontier fort in South Shields, the museum and its collections of artifacts excavated at the site, and their schools programmes.

Canterbury Roman Museum

Mix of excavated real objects: authentic reconstructions; and preserved remains of a Roman town house with its famous mosaics.

Chesters Roman Fort and Museum (Hadrian's Wall)

English Heritage's visitor guide to the best preserved Roman cavalry fort in Britain, with a bath house and museum.

Dewa Roman Experience

A family attraction exploring the Roman history and heritage of Chester; with a guide to activities and collections, information for school groups, events, and contacts.

Dover Roman Painted House

A fine example of Roman domestic architecture, now housed in a dedicated building; includes a visitor guide, information for schools, galleries, and contacts.

Fishbourne Roman Palace

A visitor guide to the museum in Sussex built over the archaeological remains of the largest Roman home found in Britain; includes a history, events diary, and information about their education programmes. romanpalace

Housesteads Roman Fort - Hadrian's Wall

English Heritage's official guide to an important Roman Fort, with an interactive map of the site, and details of the new museum.

National Roman Legion Museum

Now part of the National Museum of Wales, and home to an internationally important collection of artifacts from the fortresses at Caerleon, one of only three permanent Roman military bases in Britain.

Ribchester Roman Museum

Preston, Lancashire museum devoted to the history of Bremetenacum Veteranorum, the Roman name for what is now Ribchester. Provides information about the area's pre-history and archaeology, photos of artifacts, and assistance in planning a visit to the museum.

The Roman Baths, Bath

A visitor guide to a world famous site, its museum, and facilities; also includes a digital archive of artifacts found on the site, and an interactive walk-through feature.

Segedunum Roman Fort

A museum in Wallsend housing collections from the most excavated fort on Hadrian's Wall, with a reconstruction of a Roman bath house; with information for visitors and details of their education programme.

Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths & Museum

Offers the excavated remains of the fort, reconstructions, and museum displays on life in Roman Britain. Includes details of exhibitions, special events, and visitor access.

Senhouse Roman Museum

An award winning museum, next to a Roman fort of the 1st Century AD, houses important collections of Roman artifacts. Includes a visitor guide and information about their international links. Near Maryport, Cumbria.

Verulamium Museum

A museum in St Albans, on the site of one of the major cities in Roman Britain, and now a park; with a visitor guide, multimedia virtual tour, and a historical background for the site and their collections.

Vindolanda Trust

A visitors' guide to the archaeological site of the Roman fort and civilian settlement, and to the Roman Army Museum; includes information about the excavations, collections and exhibitions, and educational activities. Near Hexham.

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