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Animal Welfare Issues Hunting and Shooting

Animal Cruelty Investigation and the Animal Welfare Information Service

Highlights include articles on artificial earths and foxhunting, badger abuse, minkhunting, and Quorn foxhounds cruelty.

Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act (CSHA)

An initiative by Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) to persuade a Labour government to strengthen the Act they introduced to allow easier enforcement by the authorities and to enhance deterrence.

Digging Out

Moves for the abolition of terrier work. Includes information on campaigns, staff profiles, news, petitions, and citations of animal rights laws.

Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA)

National umbrella and coordination association; includes news, history, direct action resources and campaign materials, and contacts.

Killhunting UK

Highlights and campaigns against the annual killing of animals and birds in the name of conservation and sport.

League Against Cruel Sports

Campaigns against the using of animals (particularly in the wildlife) for sports and other recreational activities.

The National Anti-Snaring Campaign (NASC)

Introduces the campaigns of NASC. Also presents articles on identifying snares, provides pictures, and proffers alternatives to snaring.

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

Contains group news, pertinent legal details, press releases, and information and tactics to help pursue the anti-hunt advocacy.

Worcester and Birmingham Hunt Saboteurs Association

Learn some hunting facts, get to know the DEFRA badger killers, and find out some tactics in pursuing hunting sabotage.

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