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BBC News - Ancient tomb captured both Sun and Moon

Presents the ancient Irish tomb and the moon-inspired names of local landmarks, which reveals the astronomical knowledge of the ancient people.

BBC News - Cosmic link to stone circles

Provides information on tombs at the archaeological site of Loughcrew and details on Bronze Age stone circles.

BBC News - Encounter with the Moon stone

Features the strange circular and spiral patterns, which believes to be lunar symbols, ancient carvings, and stars and crescents.

BBC World Service - Stargazers of Ancient Egypt

Presents interview and explanation of the significance on the Great Pyramid as master of precision, Spence theory, and dating the pyramids.

Ice Age star map discovered

Discusses prehistoric of the night sky, scientific heritage, summer triangle, seven sisters and Northern Crown.

Material World - Archaeoastronomy

Examines relationship between landscape, monuments and astronomy, stonehenge, plant folklore and science.

Megalithic Sites of Great Britain

Comprehensive presentation on British megalith. With a megalithic calendar, information on megalithic mensuration, and a discussions on the concept of megalithic mathematics.

The Sophia Project

Aims to advance the study of astrology and cultural astronomy in British institutions of higher learning.

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