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Action For Southern Africa - ACTSA

Formed as the successor to the Anti-Apartheid Movement, to develop and promote solidarity in the UK and internationally with southern Africa. Provides details of activities, information on how to get involved, campaigns, donations, news and contacts. ACTSA_UK

Action for UN Renewal

Campaigns for changes to the United Nations.

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Guinea-Bissau

Established in 2011 to promote knowledge and awareness of issues of mutual concern between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, including reconciliation, good governance, trade, investment, security, human rights and development.

All-Party Parliamentary Group Friends of Syria

Aims to build a greater understanding in Parliament of the current conflict in Syria and to allow parliamentarians to discuss the diplomatic, humanitarian and military options for UK policy.

CHRP UK - Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines

Established to raise awareness of the human rights situation in the Philippines, and to spotlight British investment and trade links; includes background materials, news, events, and links.


Campaigns for peace, human rights and democracy in Iran.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Campaigns in the UK against the US blockade of Cuba and for the Cuban peoples' right to self-determination and sovereignty; includes news, events, campaign materials, and details of volunteer opportunities.

Dalit Solidarity Network UK

Part of an international network campaigning for recognition of the problem of caste discrimination and action for its eradication; includes background materials and resources, links, news and events, and how to get involved.

Friends of Lebanon

Formed in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006, to build dialogue and foster peace. Includes membership, news, resources and links, and an events diary.

Greece Solidarity Campaign (GSC)

An independent campaign and non-party political organisation, established in response to an appeal by Tony Benn in February 2012 for solidarity with the people resisting ‘austerity’ in Greece.

Haiti Support Group

Works to support and represent civil society organisations (CSOs) and their vision of development in Haiti; with information about their campaigns, project work, news, and contacts.

Hands Off Cuba

Calls on the British government to separate itself from threats to Cuba by sending a clear message to the US and the Cuban people that it would not support US military action against the country.

Hands Off Venezuela!

A grass roots solidarity campaign to defend the Bolivarian revolution, and oppose US intervention in Venezuela. Includes background resources, news, labour and trade union connections, events, and contacts.

Independent Commission for Aid Impact

Responsible for scrutinising the impact and effectiveness of UK aid. icai_uk

Jubilee Debt Campaign

Campaigns for the cancellation of unpayable and unjust poor country debts. Provides background material and resources, news, events, contacts, and how to get involved.

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

A network of individuals and groups in England, Scotland and Wales, founded to support the Sandinista Revolution which overthrew the Somoza dictatorship. Includes a profile and history, details of campaigns and activities, resources, events diary, and contacts.

Panos London

Works to stimulate public debate around key issues of sustainable and equitable development, by communicating the perspectives of those most affected. With details of current projects and resources, blogs, and contacts.

Rock Around The Blockade

British campaign in defence of socialist Cuba. Details events, the campaign and provides news from Cuba.

War on Want

Works for human rights and against the root causes of global poverty, inequality and injustice, through campaigns and solidarity projects; includes a profile and history, activities, news, and how to get involved.

Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA)

Provides an independent, non-partisan forum for discussion and involvement in human rights, peace and justice, sustainability and international development; with events and programmes, and contacts.

World Development Movement

A UK-based anti-poverty campaigning organisation; provides a guide to their lobbying and campaigns, background materials, news, events, and contacts.

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