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European and English Martial Arts

A Singlestick Match in Victorian England

A history of singlestick combat, an article which first appeared in The Secret History of the Sword in 1998.

Aberdeen Swordsmanship Group

Practice group set up to study Historical European Swordsmanship (HES). Emphasises the use of historical sources, accurate replica weapons, and effective, realistic practise.

Academy of Historical Fencing -

Teaches armed and unarmed combat in the English, German and Italian traditions using longswords, rapiers, daggers, quarterstaffs and broadswords. Based in Wales and the South West.

Aisle O’var Backswording Clubbe

Introduces the art of backswording and provides information on and news about traditional English martial arts.

British Quarterstaff Association

Teaches the art and technique of the quarterstaff, a weapon whose use predates written history. Gives details of classes, events, and news.

Dawn Duellists Society

Edinburgh historical fencing group studying the martial art of fencing.

The Duellist

Resource for all those interested in European swordsmanship. Sections include societies, events, weapons suppliers, books, fiction and articles.

English Martial Arts Academy

A group of clubs in the South East who study the system of George Silver, a Tudor martial artist.

The Exiles

Martial arts school in London teaching unarmed striking and grappling, dagger attack and defence, longsword in one and two hands, poleaxe and spear weapons.

The Linacre School of Defence

Oxford school teaching smallsword according to Hope's New Method, backsword according to Silver and Wylde, and pugilism according to Mendoza.

Schola Gladiatoria

Historical European martial arts group based in Ealing, West London.

School of the Sword

Researches and practises Italian swordplay of the 16th and 17th Centuries as a historically accurate and effective martial art. Uses period weapons and modern safety equipment. Berkshire and Surrey.

Self-defence with a Walking-stick

Reproduction of an article from Pearson's magazine, 1901.

Sussex Rapier School

Offers details of classes, weapons, suppliers, and other groups.

Weaponskills org

Has a background, training format, equipment and membership fee.

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